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it may not be your cup of tea but that's called choice. Besides I know a lot of girls that will wear their boyfriends/husbands boxers around and no one thinks thats "weird".
Do I own womens clothing? Yes. jeans, belts, socks, a few sweaters, sandals, yoga pants, panties. Love them all. Some of you people really need to grow up. Your sophomoric attitude is quite unbecoming. Its called freedom baby, get into it!
I wear womens jeans all the time. best fitting jeans ever!
I exercise my freedom. After all, its a piece of denim. How does that have a gender? Anyways, i wear ONLY womens jeans now. Dont own any mens. They are horrible jeans!
Quote: Originally Posted by harvey_birdman I have a penis, which sometimes gets erect even while wearing clothes, so I imagine it would be very uncomfortable to wear women's jeans. You would be incorrect. Like anything, just get the size that fits.
Mens flared jeans are fine. But the ones I have found were priced at $150 to $200 a pair! SO, I will stick to my womens jeans, which are much more reasonably priced.
What trolling? this is a fashion forum! WTF? I LOVE to wear womens jeans and I stated the reasons why. I also like the flared pants look of the 1970s. SO there you have it!
I do. They fit better. Prob. due to the spandex in them. I do NOT wear them tight. They are snug. And I prefer the flared or wide leg womens jeans. I have a few pairs that are devoid of front/back pockets. I love them. Mens jeans (100% cotton) give you that "I crapped my pants" look in the rear. I hate sagging jeans! Mens jeans have no style. They are all basically the same. I always get compliments from women when I wear a new pair of womens jeans with flares. Of course...
I just want to make sure my bag is not too purse like!
Yes, that bag is f#$%ng gorgeous! What do you think about my bag?
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