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i know for medical and dental school its pretty common. my brother and i will both graduate 250k+ in loans and had no debt from undergrad
i'm assuming you're single and in your early 20's. if you were married and thinking about a family, retirement savings/investments, a home, student or business loans, you would look at 250k differently. that would be a very comfortable income, but doesn't make most people rich.
as a matter of fact iowa is 27 according to thishttp://grad-schools.usnews.rankingsandreviews.com/best-graduate-schools/top-law-schools/law-rankings/page+2
but in nyc, $1,200/mo is most likely going to require a decent commute and $125 a week on groceries isn't that easy..especially since this is RHET and we're supposed to be eating a lot
100k/year really isn't that much money. but i guess everyone has different goals, expenses, etc.
I think it's crossfit term for a clean. As compared to a power clean. I've heard the term snatch squat as well so I'm assuming...
i'd do the opposite of this and try to get more consistent sleep
congrats, hope interview went well. did you apply to others in nyc?
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