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that seems like a solid list and worth learning. i'm a decent painter as i used to do it as a summer job when i was in young. I've also learned how to repair lath and plaster so I guess it's a decent start. most of the work we're looking to do seem like large scale projects to me like adding a dormer for a bathroom on second floor and kitchen remodel.
after finishing a basement renovation in which we added a mother in law apartment, i feel like i'm at a crossroads. i'm 30 years old and have little to no experience with home ownership (bought the house 1 year ago) and renovating other than what i learned by following people around asking questions as they were working on our house. lucked out too because some of my in-laws are carpenters. I'm at a crossroads because I like learning new things, don't mind hard work but...
ah, that makes sense. ballard probably wins hipster count though. mayor murray opened one of those homeless rv parks here too which keeps things exciting
@RedLantern is ballard the "brooklyn of seattle"?
does anyone have experience installing a gas fire place in an older home? trying to figure out roughly how much it'll cost to put a zero clearance gas fire place in our living room. i have no experience and would hire someone. the room sits above our garage and had the gas line extended while doing some renovations in our basement last summer. trying to do this on an exterior wall with a direct vent; there was no chimney and we don't want one. thanks guys!
try an at home product first and see if you like the results. chair side whitening can cost 3-4x as much and can cause more intense sensitivity. you'll end up needing at home whitening to maintain results if you have your dentist do it.
which gym did you go to and when? coles is empty until 2-3pm and it's close to you.
go to the cheaper one, it's not worth the extra debt. but you probably knew that cuz you have the feels
nyu has 3 free gyms, why would you pay 100+/mo especially when you're taking on student debt?
haha gramercy is the exact opposite of poverty
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