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try an at home product first and see if you like the results. chair side whitening can cost 3-4x as much and can cause more intense sensitivity. you'll end up needing at home whitening to maintain results if you have your dentist do it.
which gym did you go to and when? coles is empty until 2-3pm and it's close to you.
go to the cheaper one, it's not worth the extra debt. but you probably knew that cuz you have the feels
nyu has 3 free gyms, why would you pay 100+/mo especially when you're taking on student debt?
haha gramercy is the exact opposite of poverty
i can probably get you in to nyu coles gym on friday, i think it's a $10 guest fee or something. i won't be able to get down there until late afternoon/evening but pm me if interested
it's fun. i'm not sure if it looks cool though. if you lift with other weightlifters it probably won't look cool because you'll be doing to same thing as everyone else, but if you're doing hang snatches at a 24hr fitness, i guess so.
i know for medical and dental school its pretty common. my brother and i will both graduate 250k+ in loans and had no debt from undergrad
i'm assuming you're single and in your early 20's. if you were married and thinking about a family, retirement savings/investments, a home, student or business loans, you would look at 250k differently. that would be a very comfortable income, but doesn't make most people rich.
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