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they got him for a bargain price and paid over twice as much for rodriguez in the same week.
this is the first world cup that i've wanted to bang my head against the wall listening to people talk about soccer. all of sudden everyone is an expert and has no clue what they're talking about. so annoying. well, its already thursday and now that the US is out, the talk should die down until 2018 when everyone hops back on the wagon.
^exactly. wondo has no business on the roster other than to bury chances like that. its actually kind of hard to miss like that even if you're trying to go top shelf like he was.
labial incompetence just means that it takes effort for the lips to close. he really does have some advantages (anatomically speaking) for inflicting damage. its not the size of his teeth, but the overjet and proclination of #8 and #9.
suarez makes it so obvious when he bites someone, but he doesn't need to. he appears to have a moderate-severe overjet of his upper incisors and labial incompetence which means he could be much more stealth about sinking his teeth into someone. he doesn't really need to open so wide and actually bite down.
bradley didn't play well but both goals are on cameron
the best players and teams play against each other all the time, that's what champions league and the europa league are. i know you said you don't follow the domestic leagues but please understand that the WC doesn't offer the best football.
suarez didn't play in the CR match and lol at club football meaning nothing next to the world cup. can you elaborate on your claim?
this is where klinsmann's decision to pick young players catches up with him. i know he's trying to create a new mix but if your system relies so heavily on an altidore type player, then he shouldve brought eddie johnson or someone that can play the role if an injury occurs. the first 20 mins fabian johnson, beasly, bradley were all fizzing balls at him and he held it and distributed. we have a bit of depth at every single position except the one that jozy plays. i...
this is a must win game though...
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