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theres a place on the east side called ess-a-bagel that i go to frequently and they have a couple locations. its pretty solid and not too expensive.
theres a young weightlifter named ian wilson who looks somewhat normal for being incredibly strong. probably because he's 6'2" and kind of lanky.
cafe sabarsky is a great place
i do recall a few complaints about the weather
get on the 4 at grand central because it's making local stops in manhattan. then when the door shuts, they announce it's changing back to express and obviously goes past my stop...
go back to medical or dental school. there's money to be made
you owe time in the military for med school right? this is such a good deal and i would've done it if i were single.
vitamix are pretty sweet. i accidentally dropped some silverware in ours and while it demolished the spoon, the blades are barely nicked up.
i thought he owned a gym?
i may as well vent now that i've found this thread. fairway on the weekend is a nightmare and i would advise avoiding this place at all costs because all of murray hill and kips bay is in there on saturday and sunday afternoon
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