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Thanks.Does anyone have any experience with Unbranded jeans?
Is there a formal list of selvedge denim brands in price range? If not, can someone provide me a short-list of the lower cost options.
Quote: Originally Posted by Nil Real football is played outdoors. Welcome to Green Bay, where we play real football, not that crap inside of a dome.
If it wasn't for Dianna Agron in your day 7 pic, you would've just gotten your ass tagut'd.
I feel like Neo is missing...
That's beautiful. Thanks for the post.
Quote: Originally Posted by Neo_Version 7 ^ Lol. I really don't intend to. I may have a few hits but I'd say most are misses. Different tastes, that's all. You're up 3-2 in my book of significantly awesome pics. Just sayin'.
Quote: Originally Posted by embowafa ^^^^ Is there a screen shot of that? That's hilarious... if it's true.
I do believe, good sir, that you are correct.
Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo Can you guys post some links to these unknown artists? Anyone other than Wokka Flokka Flame. I refuse to listen to music made by anyone calling himself Wokka Flokka Flame. He tends to post some pretty good stuff daily. Lots of unknown/little known guys in college making beats and tracks, the often posted well known rapper, and some other stuff, lots of dub- and chill- step thrown...
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