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Quote: Originally Posted by PreMMM0 actually they do recommend sizing down, so this confuses sizing issues further?. yes, they added that recently, after I ordered. so I don't think the sizing has changed at all from last season. I've worn my desert boots for a few days, and I've concluded that the sizing is bizarre. Basically, if you get your 'true size' you get moderate cramping in the toe box, and slippage in the heel. If you size down,...
Quote: Originally Posted by blue squares but it's incredibly tight, can't even fully cross my arms across my chest in it um, that could be a sign you need to send it back for a refund... or size up
Quote: Originally Posted by Synthese maybe you should wander into a thrift store and buy a sleeveless denim jacket (that's my plan for this week) or something, and tear all your t-shirts to shreds (in process). You know what I mean? replace those jeans with some loose trousers and tuck them, or something - you just seem to be looking for vindication that you've found the "perfect casual fit" or something, and it just doesn't exist you could...
Quote: Originally Posted by BrizaBirch lazy comfy it's clean, like your previous fit. info on the shoes and jeans?
seems a bit over the top
does rigid demin eventually become less rigid?
Quote: Originally Posted by JackFrost09 Anyone seen any new pics from AW 10? http://www.selectism.com/news/2010/0...mnwinter-2010/
Quote: Originally Posted by thethirditem this is what im wearing today. picked up this bowtie from the thrift store, thoughts on if its a bit too grandpa-like? http://atripdownsouth.blogspot.com/2...es-review.html
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