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Quote: Originally Posted by phoenixrecon you make me laugh... but im laughing at you not with you.
don't like the exposed crotch zip on some of those jeans
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol are you fucking retarded? English isn't his first language.
I don't like epaulets on anyone who isn't a soldier, I find them to be a very pointless and annoying adornment... but you're wearing it against a simple backdrop of jeans, boots, a low-key shirt - so it doesn't look *too* bad. But if you strive for purity in your wardrobe, why not just return it?
Quote: Originally Posted by Magician but CdG PLAY screams "I'm a fashion victim" no more so than the badly-fitting head-to-toe Julius or MMM outfits you routinely see in this thread
Quote: Originally Posted by J_Stallz Yes it does, that is the cause of the blistering. Is that due to the boots being brand new and not yet broken in or is it because the boots are too large? probably a bit too large, which leads to heel slippage. if you can't return them, maybe try thick socks, or one of those silicone insole thingies
Quote: Originally Posted by 123abc123 I don't seem to understand the correlation between age and whether or not one can wear something. keep your eyes peeled, in this thread you see late-30s/ early 40s guys dressing like they are teens/ early 20s... ymmv but to me it just looks kinda sad.. even though age "shouldn't" be a factor, somehow it often is.
Quote: Originally Posted by Listi Because your outfits are thrown together with no sensibility to fashion and style at all, based almost entirely on conspicuous consumption brands... and for some reason you look too young to afford it all on your own. he does have a fashion sensibility, it's just a bit naive and more ostentatious than the collective style forum taste allows for. actually, his fits are somehow more appealing than yours, perhaps...
I wonder if this APC macintosh would feel rubbery, or more just like thick cotton?
some pics from Our Legacy's spring 2011 lookbook looks interesting
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