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Quote: Originally Posted by robbie It's worth it. a cup of tea would be healthier
Quote: Originally Posted by robbie had a soda in my hand at least the last 4 times I posted a fit here. soda is making you fat
Quote: Originally Posted by Knisse I think the fact that you just seem like a i-dont-give-a-fuck guy make you pull them off. But i do no think you would had bought the jeans if they were from anywhere else than Junya (i am pretty sure they are, otherwise it kind of ruins it) the real problem with scott.m is the borderline obesity. short is one thing, but short AND fat is a bridge too far, I would have thought.
Quote: Originally Posted by Synthese Taking a half day to enjoy the sun, and I figured I had to try, if only for Kunk's sake. This ones' for you, big fella. Cloak Ervell Silent Rick CP pretty much the opposite of sex. when I see this, the very last thing I want to know is how you look naked.
Quote: Originally Posted by tween_spirit I don't know if this has been said before but the problem with SVB is that he just LOOKS like his name is Stanley van Buren Isn't that part of his charm?
Quote: Originally Posted by georgeramone I got tricked into buying some Clarks Bushacres which I thought were desert boots it's not the end of the world. they look pretty much the same.
Quote: Originally Posted by Eason I don't know if this is what listi was going for, but I went for it: as much as I usually despise everything about Listi, his fit was somehow more decadent and interesting than yours... maybe even a bit sexy. he just needed to shave off the hair (but keep the beard).
Quote: Originally Posted by adamha21 Fit pic of the Triple needle overshirt in brown herringbone. http://www.styleforum.net/showpost.p...ostcount=23722 that looks great on you. the only thing that I don't like, is that tiny pocket on the forearm... what's it doing there? but it's a small quibble
Quote: Originally Posted by thekunk07 it's so costumey... I can't help but think you looked better in that pic you posted wearing just a t-shirt and jeans, instead of your usual goth ninja drag... the clothes receded into the background, allowing your natural good looks to do the heavy lifting... what is the appeal of wearing a prepackaged, utterly predictable *costume* that maybe had some currency for 5 minutes in 2009, but now looks sad and...
I'm actually curious to see more of your scans. are you gonna post more next month?
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