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If you're still looking for pants I have a pair of Incotex chinos in a 33. See my sig for details if you're interested!
I have a pair of High Comfort Incotex in a 50(EU) 33(US). The colour is british khaki. See my sig for the details!
I don't have the chino linos but I do have a pair of lightweight cotton Incotex high comforts in a 33 (16.5" across). See my sig for the deets!
Brand new, never worn outside, Incotex pants. The tags have been removed (to prevent returns, I guess) and with an unfinished hem. This High Comfort model is 96% cotton 4% elastan finely weaved medium weight, 3-season twill fabric. Waist: 33" with 2" to let out Leg opening: 8” Outseam: 45.75” Inseam: 36" Rise: 9.75" measured from crotch seam to top of pants Thigh: 13.25" measured at crotch Knee: 9.25" measured 22" down from waist Price is $110 including shipping in...
Forgot how bad everyone else dresses. You can keep it casual without wearing the same polos and khaki chinos everyday. If you focus on fit and get a couple of nice pieces into the mix you'll be the best dressed person there and raise the bar for everyone else.
Totally right. This is definitely some expert level pattern mixing that I'm taking note of. Well done Ranger!
I think that the framing and the angles of the pictures themselves as well as how you have manipulated the clothes make the whole outfit just look terrible. Maybe it does look better IRL but what I'm having a problem with is the dark (black?) polo on top of the white/light khaki pants. It's just too stark. That polo would only work better with dark colours like a nice pair of dark wash/raw jeans.
Man that's rough. My heart goes out to you, Tau, seriously!In that case I would choose a slimmer tie and keep the colour in the same family as the rest of the outfit at least. That particular tie isn't working.
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