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I'm looking at an Aquascutum wool overcoat on ebay. In general, do the fabrics have a different texture or appearance than regular wool coats?
Quote: Originally Posted by style_man I'm looking for a wool or cashmere overcoat. Specifically, a gray double breasted overcoat. I cannot seem to find this design anywhere, at any price. Do you guys know where I can get this (size small, or 34/36) online? I want to spend under $300, but I'll splurge if its something really nice. Thanks. Interesting that you can't find a DB one on ebay. For a few weeks, I've been looking for a black SB one...
Looking at overcoat and need some advice on size. My suits have 19-19.5" shoulder to shoulder measurements, and the overcoat I'm looking at has a shoulder to shoulder measurement of 21.75". Is this too wide? The chest and waist measurements are about where I think they should be...each about 2" larger than on suit coat. Thanks for any advice.
I'm looking for pre-owned or greatly-reduced price new, black Italian-made overcoat / topcoat size US size 42 - 44. Measurements needed are 20" shoulders, 25" sleeves, with approx. 46" chest and approx. 44" waist. Prefer full length coat. Thanks.
WOW! Great suit!!
Bought a great Zegna suit from ebay seller topshelfapparel. Great to deal with and fast shipping.
I've seen a wool suit that I really like, but the waist of the coat is about 1" too small. Is it possible/advisable to have it let out (provided there's enough fabric)? Thanks.
I'm looking at a wool, tan colored suit that would need the pant's waist and length let out. Should there be any problem with there being evidence of these alterations?
I'm new to the forum and have a quick question. Does the Zegna label in the attached photo look genuine? Thanks.
I'm new to the forum and am looking for a 42R Zegna suit with a particular style of fabric like in the attached photo. This is blue w/black, but any dark combo is okay. I need jacket w/ 24.5-25" sleeves, 19" shoulder; pants 36" x 30". Thanks.
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