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WTB French Company herringbone pattern luggage. Thanks.
I would like to request opinions on the authenticity of this 51% silk 49% wool Zegna Couture suit. Thank you.            
Looking For 11 D Or 11 EE Ferragamo Single Monk Strap Shoes In Dark Brown. The Bottom Of The Soles Need To Measure 4 1/4" To 4 1/2" Wide. Thanks.
Two quick questions. I'm looking at some pebble grain monk strap shoes on ebay. Is pebble grain a dated look, or is it still "fashionable"? I remember reading a thread about a place that does a great job altering shirt sleeves and shoulders, but I've not been able to find it again. Anyone know the company or link the thread? Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by Egiziano Drop- 120. PM sent.
I realize this is strange posting, but I bought a fairly new Zegna overcoat on ebay, and it's driving me crazy that the "Made In Italy" tag is missing from the inside of the collar. Therefore, I would like to buy an inexpensive Zegna coat or just the black, thin, rectangular "Made In Italy" tag from one. (Similar to the one in the photo.) The tag appears to have been around 2" long. Thanks
WTB: Rosetta Stone Total E, Italian. Thanks.
I'm going to be in Manhattan tomorrow looking for a dressy, long overcoat. On the internet, I've seen Gentleman's Resale and Ina's. Are there any other consignment stores you could recommend? Thanks.
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