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i want these or something similar - they aren't from the tom ford line bc the video was shot, i'm assuming, in 02/03-ish right before he was leaving Gucci. to see get a better look go to 7:01 in the video clip and pause. i like how these aviators kind of point down on the sides. i'm having a tough time finding something similar, help . . . IMPORTANT NOTICE: No media files are hosted on these forums. By clicking the link below you agree to view content from an...
designed by diesel? seriously?! they may have horrible branding and stupid washes, but there's one thing they can do and that's make a pair of jeans that fit like a glove. no hip flare, diaper butt business here hopefully ----- *edit* man, i got excited for a sec and thought you really meant diesel jeans, aw poop.
turkey day bump
aeglus - you always remind me of a mini steve mcqueen
correction** the sweater is 19 inches pit to pit
Quote: Originally Posted by Eason Getting your hair cut at a barbershop is like buying your whole wardrobe from Banana Republic or at best, J. Crew. wonderful
time to clean out the stuff i haven't worn in ages . . . . so happy shopping guys! since measurements tend to vary from garment to garment, all the measurements have been taken by me of each individual item (BiG method for the jeans) and were NOT copy/pasted from the Selfedge/BiG website. only utilizing Paypal for payment - PLEASE INDICATE THE MONEY SENT AS A 'GIFT' AS TO AVOID THE 4% SERVICE CHARGE DIESEL ZATINY, sz 30x30 - SOLD! ---------- SKULL 5010XX 6X6, sz 32...
Christian Lacroix Tumulte . . . i have this thing for cedar, dunno what it is, but its my favorite - anyway, Tumulte is my favorite in this category. i find it to be brighter and cleaner than Terre d' Hermes. people are always surprised that i'm even wearing a scent when i'm wearing it.
i've seen members (braidkid) on here take the classic bedford jacke and have it slimmed by a tailor and it looked pretty great . . .
find a cheap tailor. mine is a little mexican woman in the barrio that will do it for $10. her quality is impeccable. she shortened sleeves on a jacket for me better than nordstrom's in house people. she is indisposable in my mind. thank you senora marfiel.
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