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Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol difference: these guys are all attractive and the OP is pretty average looking cover their faces then look at them though - the palettes still work no matter what. . . . maybe i just have really high standards, but the only guy that i think is strikingly 'above average attractive' out of those 4 pics is the first dude - and he's a male model anyway. the three other dudes look pretty average (in a good...
could you post the measurements of these specific pairs - sometimes they vary from pair to pair
Quote: Originally Posted by mcs5280 I've had success with Jojoba Oil. You only need like 2-3 drops to do your whole face. Works really well. DITTO - jojoba oil has been the only thing that gets rid of the dry patches and flakiness on my face from winter cold/the retin-a gel i use for acne. it takes a few trials to figure out how much is enough/too much for your skin type. i have pretty dry skin so 5 or 6 drops is what works for me. i...
wait - yes to purple . . . and these were the sartorialist pics that never uploaded:
from the looks of these redheads via the sartorialist, it might not be as hard to work with red as everyone thinks. i think you guys actually get a one up on us sometimes when you do consider the stuff that does work for you like deeper, richer colors bc it creates such an awesome contrast. it's like your hair color is just as much an accessory as in completing an entire ensemble. that being said, i like the shape of your BCG's, but i think you should go for a lighter...
oh ok, i didn't know if that was brought up before. for the record though, i have nothing against expensive, ha - phat guido is always dressed impeccably in my mind. sorry for 'discussing' - proceed
Quote: Originally Posted by kitonbrioni RLP overcoat BR scarf NM gloves RLPL shirt Kiton pant TL belt Zegna socks TL boots Creed cologne Patek watch no offense, but i don't know what this is supposed to accomplish except for the fact that you own a lot of expensive things. for all we know, you're outfit could be really ugly, expensive, but ugly.
all jeans have been sold! willing to sell both tees for $20 shipped! jacket reduced to $55 shipped! zara wingtips reduced to $70 shipped
clarks, diesels, samurai's gone - about to take the other stuff besides the skulls to buffalo exchange if no interest
i used to have that H&M leather jacket (they've put it out 2 years in a row) and i paid $70 for it on one of their 7 Days of X-MAS sales and full retail it wasn't more than $119 - asking $95 for a jacket that was worn many times is a but much.
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