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hey jwied - could you post picks of the back? i'm wondering what the back pockets look like.
coming from a family of stylists and having dabbled in it myself, and also having a texture like your --- use this advice . . . 1. yeah swoop bangs are in, but your haircut can't just be bangs. you're trying to do something like this - no? its a great shape but yours is like that cut on steroids. you need someone to go in their and texturize/thin it out, so you don't have to use as much product to get it to lay...
ugh would totally buy those if the hem wasn't tapered! can't fit em ever mah boots!
not snowed - sleeted in, its been great!
yeaaaaahhh +1 on growing your side burns longer, maybe down to like the middle of your ear let your hair grow out for 2 months, then get a cut and tell them to just cut the sides and back, remove excess weight on top but keep overall length on top, have some bangs sweep foward across your forehead a bit. wear your glasses all of this bc you're looking quite 'round' and young (like middle school) in the face right now. everything just looks round, round round, so you...
maybe this'll give you some motivation too. i'm only 24, and i've put on the freshman 15, then lost it my sophomore year, gained it back again my junior year, then lost it again. fast foward to this summer, and i had put it back on again BUT i lost it again by october . . . what's changed though? HOLY CRAP, it was so much easier to drop that weight when i was in college - so don't be lazy! it may seem tough now bc you've never had to/wanted to lose weight before,...
. . . desert boots? peacoats? deck shoes? and a little of me being facetious . . . but do you think the chambray is dead?
so if its a leather jacket and the ribbing was sewn onto the cuffs, waistband, maybe neck . . . you could remove it, and replace it with brand new ribbing. i'm sure there are places you could find the material online and a tailor should be able to sew it on.
it always drives me crazy when i see knits like polos, sweaters and tees on hangers bc they get that weird hanger poke on the shoulders or the necks stretch out, ahhhhh!
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