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Looking for a suit for consulting interviews. Should be business formal. I tried on the SS Napoli at the store and it fit like a glove but the legs were a little too skinny for my liking (too contemporary). Has anyone compared the Benjamin Sartorial to SS and BB1818 in terms of cut and quality?
I wear a 34x32 in J Crew Urban Slim Fit which fit me pretty perfectly. What size should I wear for BB and which fit is most like Urban Slim? I have an athletic building(big thighs from lifting) but like the taper.
I think i'll just put it through the hole that a safety pin creates when attached to the lapel.
do you have a picture of a suitable hole on a peak lapel jacket that I could show a tailor?
gbr if this is so, would putting the bouttenire in the pocket be alright?
Does anyone have pictures of where a peak lapel tuxedo jacket's lapel hole is located? I went to 5 tailors and they all had different locations and most told me not to damage the lapel and instead pin it in my pocket. Is this a viable option?
I bought a tux from JAB with no lapel hole. I am going to prom and i need a hole to place the boutonniere. How much does it cost to sew one in(average price would be good...just don't want to get ripped off); i plan on going to the tailor at JAB. And is there any requirement that i should know about for the lapel hole?
where do i pin a boutonniere, my tux has no button hole! This is for prom! Would it be a bad idea to just pin it through the lapel even there is no hole?
Any other suggestions?! I've never heard of those sites before.
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