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great, thanks for the info. yeah not easy down under for this type of stuff.
After sifting through the thread, I couldn't seem to find a definitive answer on the size comparison between the 1000 mile and Iron Rangers. I have 8.5's in the IR's and they are the right size, but plenty of room in the toe block length wise. Has anyone sized down 1/2 size from IR's to the 100 miles? Or is it 1000 miles = Iron Rangers all day every day? Thanks ( By the way im in Australia and can't find anywhere to try em on )
For sale is 1 pair of Thorogood Work 6" Moc Toe boots size 8D. I'm asking $50 + shipping. They have been sitting in the closet for a while and they deserve better because they are actually really nice. Plus I really could use a bit of cash for these, instead of them mocking me each time I open the closet. They have approx 10-20 wears. And thats wearing them to my desk job and back, nothing beyond walking. Keep in mind I am in Sydney so shipping to the states standard...
I have two pairs of Iron Heart 301s that I am selling. I've tried to upload better pictures then before. Here are the details for each: Tagged size 31/36 - Asking $250 AUD shipping included. Worn 2 days, has a small dried up rice piece on the inner back thigh. Not a stain, just sittin on the surface but I didnt want to scratch it off. Will come off with a bit of a scratch 32" waist 10" rise 11.2" thigh 7.2: hem inseam: 36" Tagged size 30, hemmed to 33" at SESF -...
FS: Thorogood Brown leather 6" moc toe boots - size 7.5 D Worn about 10-15 times but too small for me. I wear a size 10 in adidas superstars for reference. Asking $100 + shipping (I am in Australia) FS: Sun Surf Hula Oxford in blue - size Medium This shirt is brand new with tag still on. The fit doesnt really work for me unfortunately. Measurements: Chest 21.25" Length 27.1" Shoiulders 17.3" Sleeve 23.2" Asking $90 + shipping (I am still in Australia) PM with any...
NF x Momotaro WG. Almost 5months in. One hot soak.
I hot soaked mine after about 4 months of wear...they shrank mostly in the inseam and thigh, but not much. and after about 10 wears they were back out almost to where they were pre soak. i know what u mean about the back rise, it long!
after searching the thread it seems many have experienced heel slippage, and i'm curious how it turned out. my question is whether or not it went away or improved over time? i'm considering sizing down 1/2 perhaps....recommendations/experiences? thx :-)
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