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Still available. Stunning deal! 15 euros for Levi Vintage range
Retail price at €160 , burgundy wholecuts are brand new, sold to me with the wrong caption and size so unfortunately to large for my feet (and the store doesn't do a return policy....). A great looking pair of shoes that unfortunately doesn't fit me. They come in sz UK12 / US11 Will ship with the original shoebox and shoebags! I will sell them for €100, don't let this deal pass you ! Item is located in the Netherlands: Shipping as follows: Europe: Normal:...
Nobody doubted that the skinheads and everything that followed didn't had tattoo's. Multiple stories and photos to acknowledge this (seen enough on some 60s mods too.. the gang ones).Here's a neck one from 1970 Newcastle.Facial Tattoo's especially that famous 80s skin picture is a whole different kind of beast...Btw I mean Con Man from your quotation, but I could only quote you Clouseau.
Looking for help here, been searching everywhere on the inet for something similar to the picture. Looking for a boiler suit that's more slimfit then the usual workwear. Materialwise not shiny synthetic stuff. My size is somewhere between S and M. Colors well I'm open for a lot, but initially looking for either blue or tan. And something without zippers, just buttons (anything you would find on a classic levi trucker jacket). Any ideas? Thanks
This photo was posted on original modernist facebook page with background story by the owner. I compiled all his comments down below:"Hounslow mods July 66 week before England won world cup.note the bracesit was nothing to do with skinheads we were looking for a new look too many mods about by 66we got the braces that day shop only had 4 so 3 of us had to wait a daywe were looking for something new by 66 the small clubs were closeing the who passed thier best.we were not...
How do u fit ur head through turtleneck if it's made of shirt fabric ?????The only way I would guess is done like this:http://www.mendozamenswear.com/?p=3801But it doesn't look like that in ur illustration
Just joking about the musical punchout The only thing I wanted to point out is that I think the JA music selection is better nowadays.
...but we do (recognise them... well at least I guess so, I wasn't there of course) That's why so many british DJ's like playing in mainland europe... couldn't believe people knew and sang along the tunes word for word.Your generation where the best when it was about the clothes.. but we win the musical punchout! (and you have to remember Jim Cox played a big part in our current favorites).Favorite (for the lads that is), and a tune that wouldn't be popular if not for...
Regarding the whole DJ's and 'obscure' tunes (Motown > Northern Soul) thing. Personally speaking, and this is a opinion formed from the Reggae scene rather then the NS scene. I know we kinda created our own 'Nothern Soul'-like hit chart for Reggae amongst the young skinheads, Reggae Revive guys and 60s jamaican music fans in mainland europe, but most popular tunes bore me to death in the reggae, and seriously... Double Barrel is just plain annoying, Return of Django...
There's no american cravat, I watched the video again. That's blur and lightning. The other observation is correct though!
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