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Isn't it so that in London, skinheads shopped a lot at John Simon's shops and unconsciously where buying lots of "ivy" gear without even knowing what "Ivy" was (maybe some where clued in).And now in hindsight looked like they where influenced by Ivy League.
It's the Soul Agents playing in the clip, so it's not clapton (also pre-rod stewart... so no rod as well)
That picture would most likely looked similar to this video :P :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IpHU6TkqWjs#t=97
Nice one Bunty. From your brother circle? --- Happy new year all! Here's the new year's gift, photo's from oop north: Yarmouth 1970 This one is obviously later: The following is also from a twisted wheeler, first one looks 80s (white socks!)... but it's 60s (all the same person in the photo):
Looks about summer (shirts untucked) 1970, suprised by that blue jacket... really nice color. Willesden - Some white adidas sambas in there as well... These lads from Manchester where your age Browniecj (you asked about this), they would most definately call themselves mods even though their wardrobe has all the signs of being up with the latest "fashion" (trucker jackets in denim, leather, suede, driving gloves, parting in crop). Southeast London 1968
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=flWmmTxPDaM&feature=youtube_gdata_player Some geezer talking about his encounter with "bovver boys"
Shit hit the fan Don't get me wrong, I was not slagging of anyone outside London at all. We all know those leather or suede levi trucker jackets don't come cheap. Today you seem to pay just about the same for one such jacket as you'd would for a bespoke suit, I don't know if that was the same in the 60s, but I do know they cost an arm and a leg. And yes both sides are just a caricature, you just don't have the space to cram everything that went on. But I will say this I've...
I am that bloke :P
That would wind up to be an interesting discussion. If I have to be honest, the way it's been told here I've always preferred the "london look", that's the style of clothing that inspired me. And to be honest while I do like some interesting exclusive bits of the north like the driving gloves and (although I would never wear it myself) and the berets from the army surplus. I never digged the double denim look. That's not to say I don't like a nice Raw indigo Denim jacket,...
Has been touched upon earlier in this thread, said to be hippie wear.
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