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Their sneakers are always quick to go (if they have any). Unless you're one of the first ones in or you know someone working it, it's unlikely you'll be able to cop a pair in a popular size.
Looking for a good condiition Goyard wallet or cardholder. Let me know what you have and price. Thanks
Any chance they have the twill 5 pocket pants on sale? Thanks!
Are the black/black hi-tops available to cop from anywhere still? I regret not purchasing them when they came out.
Tried on a pair of petit standards in a 32. Could barely button the top without sucking in a bit. Couldn't even punch in any of the other buttons so decided to go for a 33. Hopefully it doesn't get stretched out too much in the waist.
Goodness that hoodie is sexy.
Thanks! Just copped a pair.
DAMN those flyknit frees are hot
And it gives me the same thing when I use safari.
I did. I picked the rest of the world code. (it only gives me 20EU off)
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