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Looking for a good condiition Goyard wallet or cardholder. Let me know what you have and price. Thanks
Any chance they have the twill 5 pocket pants on sale? Thanks! http://www.clubmonaco.ca/product/index.jsp?productId=21276716&color=1236315&cp=12266410.12280856.12454881
Are the black/black hi-tops available to cop from anywhere still? I regret not purchasing them when they came out.
Tried on a pair of petit standards in a 32. Could barely button the top without sucking in a bit. Couldn't even punch in any of the other buttons so decided to go for a 33. Hopefully it doesn't get stretched out too much in the waist.
Goodness that hoodie is sexy.
Thanks! Just copped a pair.
DAMN those flyknit frees are hot
And it gives me the same thing when I use safari.
I did. I picked the rest of the world code. (it only gives me 20EU off)
I'm located in Canada and looking to purchase a pair of APCs on TBS. On the checkout page, I get free shipping and the 25k code which lowers the total to 96 Euros. When I click next to the payment, the total jumps to 116 Euros? Can anyone explain this to me? Also, do I not get the 20% Non-EU VAT off as well? This is my first time trying to buy something on TBS. Thanks for you help.
New Posts  All Forums: