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price drop
nothing too crazy but I sent these back to Alden for a restore and just got the back. mailed back 10/18, received back 12/16 before after
i have a pair of alden captoe boots that need new laces. anyone know where i can get some new flat laces long enough for this boot?
whoa. how many years has it been since color 2 been available?
some interest but no takers yet
when and where were these released? #4 is a grail. very nice
Dont wear these enough to justify keeping them. Probably wore them 5 times or so. mens size 9D Color 8 alden gave me some heel pads to help with the heel slip that is common with the barrie last. they help or can be removed if you dont need it. comes with dust bags. no box. ebay feedback is under chan011. i think its closing in on 1,300 positives. my loss is your gain. ill even ship them for free within the US.
dont check this thread anymore for my wallets sake, but i wish i knew about these being released. how early did you have to get on the pre order list?anyone with a 9 or 9.5D they want to sell?
yea they have told me that in the past and then refunded me my money/never charged my card. first time someone helped me and told me that they were already sold.
size 10D? i called 15 minutes after i got the email and was told they sold out 10 minutes before i called...good score.hope the lady didnt make a mistake and they were still available when i called.
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