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yea they have told me that in the past and then refunded me my money/never charged my card. first time someone helped me and told me that they were already sold.
size 10D? i called 15 minutes after i got the email and was told they sold out 10 minutes before i called...good score.hope the lady didnt make a mistake and they were still available when i called.
any update to this order? hopefully there is some news to report
from leffot's fb page. 72 pairs of cordovans
can the ravello pre order of these just go into production PLEASE
any update on the MTO obscura.looks like ALden is making some Ravello stuff so maybe were slowly moving up the production list? (one can hope at least)
been in asia the last few weeks. any updates on color 4 popping up anywhere?
shoemart had a limited run in random sizes. alden/shoemart ended up canceling the shoe and those that were waiting for their size to arrive were out of luck (me included)no word if they will ever be available for pre-order again
price drop
bought these off another member here on the forum and wore them once to find that they dont fit right plus i could use the money this time of year For sale is a pair of gently worn Marlow Wingtips in brown shell cordovan (size 9D), crafted by Crockett & Jones for Ralph Lauren. This is a beautiful pair of shoes with a timeless design. They've been brushed/buffed after every other wearing and conditioned once with Venetian Shoe Cream. I had Topys installed on the front sole...
New Posts  All Forums: