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I never went to the village itself, it was too fair away in the mountains. 2hrs bus ride from the train station if I remember correctly. I did, however, visit the smaller recreated village for lazy tourists like me. Those houses are HUGE !!!
I think socks-less is acceptable when wearing shorts. With trousers it looks a bit creepy to me "Look, I don't wear socks and I probably don't wear underwear either ... "
1550 posts later and we are talking about sea slugs ... Wow, just wow ...
Crabtree and Evelyn Nomad soap is great. I love it mutch more than Trumper's and Prorazo. The Occitane shaving soap is supposed to be rather good too.
I would not do it. arkward ........
Quote: Originally Posted by andrewm1 Hi, I'm looking for a tailor to do some alterations on some suits suit (possibly expanding the waist, shortening a jacket, etc.) in the Montreal area. Does anyone have any recommendations as to who might be good? The last real thread I could find on this was from 2004, so I'm hoping someone might have found someone since then (since the conclusion of the last thread seemed to be "there isn't anyone") In...
Was it the Taylor on the boardwalk in KAF ?? I am surprised you didn't mention incredibly low armhole ...
Quote: Originally Posted by othertravel I've done it at Harry Rosen, and I think they both use Coppley. The experience was great and the shirts came out to specification. Way better than my bespoke shirt experience at Harry's. Holt use Shirtfit I have no experience with Holt MTM, but I am kind of interested in the result.
don't fold it, roll it !!
Why not let you foodie gf surprise you for your first meat meal ?? I would suggest pork ribs
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