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Thanks for all of the replies. I am pretty skinny and am looking for something reasonably cheap with good quality. I didn't realize that they had stores in Toronto. I think I'll go check them out.
It's interesting that BR/Gap made in Honduras shirts would have better stitching. Of course I don't know a lot about construction methods, so I'm sure there is a reason why that is the case. Something like $13USD/hr. right? Yep, more than me too
Any thoughts on the solid colour or ringer tees that American Apparel sells? I have never tried them, but ordering from them online (to Canada) is very reasonable.
Wow, some pretty mixed opinions. orbitingio, I laughed. I'm a student so I have a pretty poor shoe budget. Buying used sounds like it can be pretty hit or miss. It would only be worth it if I actually wore the shoes, so I guess I'll go with my 'gut feeling'.
Is it worth picking up dress shoes that are 1 or 2 years old that have some noticeable wear on the soles, but appear to be in good condition overall? It seems like you can get some very good deals. Should I be concerned about the shoes already having 'molded' to the previous owners feet? Is it best to just stick to new/like new shoes?
Thanks for the help everyone. I'll leave the altering to wool slacks.
Thank you for the welcome and the info, j. I will confirm the sizing, and probably opt for not purchasing them if they turn out to be a true 30. A reasonable deal on a pair of BR grey cotton pants that I would plan to wear fairly casually. I'm new to altering any kind of clothing and was wondering if anyone would see a problem with altering the waist from a 30 to a 31 if necessary? Or would you have to see the pants to know how much you could let them out?
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