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Does anybody have a saved copy of this? I would be very grateful if I could get my hands on it.
PM sent
I just got a new wool overcoat with sleeves that end about halfway between the last knuckle of my thumbs and the tip of my thumb (sleeve hangs over my other 4 knuckles). Is this too long?
I'm not an expert, but Raynal XO is great value at $20. Very smooth for the price.
Sold??? If not, PM me back. Thanks.
Any experiences of how much the canes shrunk in length and in the waist? Did you stretch the inseam? I was thinking of trying to pickup some 1947's then cold soak them to get the inseam length down. I searched through some threads, but wasn't able to find an answer.
These still available?
I'm a Canadian and just picked up a pair of RM Williams. I went for the "Gardener " model in dark brown. They have a sturdy rubber sole, are waterproof, and seem indestructable. Kind of expensive, although they are made in Australia and are leather lined.
Thanks - I'll be sure to check them out when I'm back in Toronto for thanksgiving. Do you guys remember what price range they were in? I'm guessing around ~300 Canadian? Also, do you know if they are made in China? I have heard they are very durable, regardless of where they are made.
Does anybody have a list of stockists? I'm having a hard time finding info.
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