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Final bump and price lowered to $130 shipped. These are going up on ebay in a week if there are no takers.
Jeans are still available! Front rise: 11.25" Back rise: 16"
Thanks for the kind words Cookie. Sorry for the delay in answering your question. Things have been crazy with starting a new job, and I haven't been home. I'll post the rise tomorrow night. Front rise is higher than RRDS and back rise probably about the same. I would describe it as a medium rise pair of jeans.
I recently purchased these jeans from Godmother, after buying a different size and reselling them here . These are also amazing jeans, but I find the leg opening a little slim. The jeans have been tried on once and are in excellent condition. The red strings on the tag are still intact. Please note that I have removed the size tag, which read 29x32. Measurements: Waist (across waistband, laid flat) - 15.8" Inseam - 32.5" Leg opening at bottom - 7.8" Edit: Price...
Anyone have any caps with cool designs on them? I'm not that interested in wearing one with an actual baseball team on it, just something that looks slick with a cool design. Do such hats exist?
Are these still available?
Thanks for the advice. It was just an idea I was thinking about.
Any tips for this look? I just got a couple of t-shirts with nice designs and want to give it a shot. I'm guessing the texture of the button-up should be more casual (not ironed). Any suggestions?
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