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My budget is around £850 pounds. I'll be in next week London for one week. I've heard good things about Hamilton, Seiko and Sinn for my price range. I want a classic and professional watch for the office environment. Also something that could last a lifetime (preferably...
To describe myself, I'm a 24 year old young professional currently working for an accounting firm (where conservative is usually the dress code). My ideal cologne would be something with a unique fragrance (i.e not worn by the masses) , has a good ratio of masculine + sweet, and is suitable for the office environment. I was leaning towards selecting Bvlgari Aqua or Tom Ford Veviter. Recommendations? Price is not an issue.
I'm heading to London in a few weeks and only staying there for one week. I came across the website "herringshoes", but I want to be able to try the shoe before I purchase it (and I don't have time to purchase anything online). [URL=[/URL] Can someone recommend me similar looking loafers (preferably Burgundy) with a price range of £100 to £250. Cheers. I like them Any idea? Or does anybody know any similar frames with good quality?
Hi everyone, I'm a young professional currently working in an Accounting firm. I have to wear a suit + tie on a daily basis as part of the dress code. I'm going to London in two weeks and I'll be staying there for 1 week. My budget is 1200 pounds for the following: Navy blue suit Ties (orange, black, grey) Shirts (White, Blue) Socks Dress Shoes/Loafers Professional watch I've heard many good things about SuitSupply. Would it fit my budget though? How long would the...
Oh ok!! I never thought about it that way Thanks guys. Can you suggest me a watch + brand within the 300-500$ range that I should put on my shopping list?
I'm no fashion guru unfortunately. So you're suggesting that I buy the strap separately? And then what? I've been looking for a watch with an orange-ish/brown strap. I have a grey suit that I wear every once in a while to work and I saw this watch in the store the other day. It sells for $150 in the store.
Uploaded with Boggi Milano Suit H&M Shirt RL Tie
#1 Turquoise shirt (H&M) with black skinny tie (Topman). I don't think I would ever imagine myself wearing this shirt to work... but maybe for a night out? Or is the shirt too bright? #2 Blue shirt (Zara) with dark blue tie (Banana Republic). Nice look? #3 I wore this outfit to work last week. Does the tie match with the shirt? It's hard to find a tie that matches with this particular shirt pattern (stripes) + color (brown). #4 Does the skinny tie look...
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