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I'm personally a big fan of round glasses but not all of them suit me. How do they look and which looks better? My face usually looks weird with eyeglasses. Also should I try going for a Havana/tortoise frame or stick to black?
I was thinking about buying the OP Riley, Moscot Lemtosh, or OP O'Malley in a Dark Mahogany/Tortoise color. I'm currently wearing contact lenses. My eyes become dry at work because I'm always on the laptop. Recommendations? Which frame style and color would suit me the most?
Warby Parker's: Anything good from here???? Pic 1 Pic 2 Pic 3 Pic 4 Pic 5 Pic 6 Pic 7 Pic 8 Pic 9
I wear contact lenses every day, but they dry up because my eyes are constantly glued to the laptop. Most people have mentioned that I look better without glasses though.
Hi everyone, I need a new pair of glasses for work. I work in the financial sector industry, so something that would be professional and comfortable is on my agenda. I've checked out Oliver Peoples, Moscots, and Cutler & Gross. Moscots has a cool feature on their website where I can upload a picture with a frame from their collection. Which optical frame style/color suits me the most? Or maybe the Rayban Clubmasters?
my first ever automatic watch!!
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My budget is around £850 pounds. I'll be in next week London for one week. I've heard good things about Hamilton, Seiko and Sinn for my price range. I want a classic and professional watch for the office environment. Also something that could last a lifetime (preferably...
To describe myself, I'm a 24 year old young professional currently working for an accounting firm (where conservative is usually the dress code). My ideal cologne would be something with a unique fragrance (i.e not worn by the masses) , has a good ratio of masculine + sweet, and is suitable for the office environment. I was leaning towards selecting Bvlgari Aqua or Tom Ford Veviter. Recommendations? Price is not an issue.
I'm heading to London in a few weeks and only staying there for one week. I came across the website "herringshoes", but I want to be able to try the shoe before I purchase it (and I don't have time to purchase anything online). [URL=[/URL] Can someone recommend me similar looking loafers (preferably Burgundy) with a price range of £100 to £250. Cheers.
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