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Congrats Mike and Adele! Glad to hear everyone is doing well.
Hey Mike- p,ease add my name to the list as well as interested.
Anyone else having issues with completing the order at checkout with paying via a Visa? Been trying and when I complete my order, it keeps going back to same screen (step 2 of 2)
Couple of thoughts: - Faded French Blues do look crazy killer. Good stuff SVB - I am REALLY emo that I did not order any factory find shirts. Damn! I am sure I will kick myself in the butt even more once Mike posts up some of the FF Jackets which I did not get in on as well.
Just shoot them an email. I have ordered size 35 chinos and am thinking of doing the same with a pair of shorts.
Thanks for the update here Mike.2 quick questions:1) any more double monk in chocolate suede coming in the near future (or whatever the brown color was from last year)?2) if the answer is no for the above question, then wondering if the Rand Single Monk in Snuff Suede will fit similarly to the Salinger Double Monks?Thanks in advance and the reply as well on the darting question,Jamie
Yup. Dylan be pimpin' with a heavy hand here!
Did you do it yourself with a seam ripper or did you get a tailor to do it?
Here is a question for anyone who may have experience. I have a number of shirts in Large that are a bit tight in the belly. Does anyone have experience with getting darts removed? I guess specifically: 1) I am assuming plain white shirts are probably a no no as you would be able to see the needle marks were for the darts, but what about patterned shirts? Are they noticeable? 2) Can anyone estimate (maybe Mike) how much room this should give (ie an inch or...
Mike - for the factory find pants next round, can you add a size 35 as an option? I don't think it currently exists on the site. Thanks!
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