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I am working with Frank at Ecrole to pick my wedding suit for a daytime wedding in Napa. I am looking for a mid grey, lightweight, with some kind of texture or visual interest. I went in wanting to do a mid-grey fresco (examples in the Minnis book), but Frank and Scott showed me some sharkskin from the Harrison and Dormeuil books as an interesting alternative. What would you guys do?
Guys, Slightly tangential, but my girlfriend is looking for some new places to shop, and I wondered to myself if there existed an equivalent of Epaulet in NYC but for girls. It's really interesting how different women's fashion is than men's. It is not at all too difficult to find classic, high quality men's clothes, but the analog for women's clothes does not seem to exist. My Google searches have come up blank, so I come to you. She likes the stuff that Anthropologie...
Just as another data point, as I mentioned before, the order I placed with the Presidents day sale did arrive, but I sized it wrong and had to have it exchanged. About 10 days after sending my boots back, the replacement came today, with an Alden special order slip in it. The level of email responsiveness was well within expectations for a small company, and they were always pleasant with me. It was my first NRO order, so I can't speak for them in the past, but this was...
So I received my 10E snuff suede chukkas from NRO this week, but they are a bit too large. I sized up since I usually hear Leydon is narrow, but it's TTS for me. Anyway has anyone had any success getting an exchange process started? No replies from the RMA email address. Until I hear from them, I've put the boots up for sale in the classifieds.
Ordered these a size too large, they are otherwise lovely. Bought from NRO and have not been able to get a exchange RMA from them, so posting here instead. Closed. Returned to NRO.
Thanks for the advice earlier. Went with M and pretty happy with the fit.
Guys. Need help on fang sizing, 6'1", 165lbs, 39" chest, 33" waist. M or L?
Regarding 701 measurements, can someone explain the difference between Jay's and BIG's? The waist and thigh in particular seem inconsistent. I'm trying to find my size, and the only reference point I can offer are my APC NS tagged 30 measuring 33.5 waist 10.75 rise 11 u/t, in which I could use another 0.5-1.0 inches in both the waist and thigh. Given that, if Jay's measurements are correct I'd take a 33, and if BIG's measurements are correct I'd take a 32. Any ideas?
I'm new to WvG and these sweaters look great! What size would I take in the crewnecks if I'm 6'2" and 170 lbs? I take either an M or an L depending on brand, and give that the model is wearing an M, I guess that makes me L?
Since you're in NY head down to Epaulet and try some for yourself. I own exclusively Howard Yount and Epaulet, so cannot comment on fit vs Incotex, but my build is similar to yours and I am very happy with all my EP Walts in size 32 or 33. HY and EP are actually quite similar with respect to fit and quality, both being excellent. With respect to slimness, I find Yount trousers fall somewhere between a Walt and Rudy. Overall I give the edge to Epaulet for 1) selection 2)...
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