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Quote: Originally Posted by rolledcollar The wrinkles lend cotton trousers a certain amount of casual informality. I view that as an asset depending on the situation. Avoidance of wrinkles at all times in all situations seems like a popular view on men's clothing forums and I feel that view is misguided. If you don't want that informality or just don't want wrinkles, choose a more naturally wrinkle-resistant material like wool. You're Cruiser,...
Quote: Originally Posted by yachtie What. No love for the Tin Man? Don't ask me, ask East2West, he's the one watching it. He'll put it on pause and type you an answer unless they're all singing Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead in which case he'd rather not be disturbed.
Quote: Originally Posted by East2West Why are you assuming that I just watched this movie recently? And why are you calling me six? Yeah you did, you watched it recently, probably watching it right now. Sorry about the six thing. Seven?
Quote: Originally Posted by Thomas ...I turn into the fucking Cookie Monster. I keep them at the office, and over the last couple of months, I've blown through about two packages a week. I have done two packages a night and would every night, so I just don't buy them. I cannot trust myself. You cannot either. Leave them in the store. (I am 5'9'', 145 lbs and the cookie thing is my only food vice. I am also 66 and you can be too if you keep...
The only thing that matters is that you like the looks of it. And never pay over 10 bucks for one. And you do that by always buying used; it's decoration not underwear.
Why are you watching the Wizard of Oz? What are you, six?
Quote: Originally Posted by FLMountainMan The mention of an ATM machine in No Country For Old Men. Wasn't it set in 1980? Granted, I was only four, but I thought those were a relatively modern invention. I got my first ATM card at the First American Bank in Alexandria, Virginia in August, 1980.
And when you get older and decide to say hello to a few thoughts that don't include yourself in a mirror you may realize that denim at any price is for pimps, plummers and sheep.
Quote: Originally Posted by k4lnamja Is this a sign of pants that are too tight? Yes. I think it's like maybe a neon sign your pants are too tight. And thank you for not posting the pics.
Quote: Originally Posted by Romanime Haha thanks, I'm not always certain to trust everything you say, you seem to enjoy the occasional troll, but the tie thing makes sense, and I did have a bit of trouble learning to tie it (plus I'm not really sure what my neck size is so I kinda just guessed) Hey, I've been with you since the beginning on this. This thread has become my life. I kid not when I say it looks good. But if you're looking for...
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