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Great, thanks for your comments. But what do you think about the counterargument the guys raised earlier - that if my dad isn't there to indulge in the whole MTM experience and the fitting can't be very precise (as we'll just take his best fitting shirt to copy), it doesn't make sense to go to WW Chan or Ascot and we may as well order from Jantzen?
Why are people so mean here these days? No one even said "hi" to John? Me very upset with you, boys! ___ Hi John! And welcome to Style Forum ___ See, it wasn't all that hard. J.
I'm definitely not damaging enough things around Matt's house... lesson learned
Daaaamn... I have already forgotten Style Forum members' ability to have zillion pages debates about something as small as a shirt monogram ))I actually e-mailed Jantzen yesterday and they said they have some Thomas Mason and other more expensive fabrics on offer, so will just drop in and see what they have at a time.That's a really cool idea, btw! I might be stealing it
Hmm... I checked out Jantzen web-site... they have "european cotton" and "italian cotton", no Thomas Mason fabrics, Acorn or other recognizable mills. Again, I don't know if it matters. Btw, random question - where is it better to place monogram on a shirt? I feel lost
Thanks for your advice guys! You actually make a fair point... My dad will be in Moscow, so no proper fitting possible this time - then why pay for a more expensive option? As much as I would like to buy the best for him, I agree, that the difference without fitting would probably be minor. Will check out Jantzen and just go for the better fabric then...Also my dad always dressed very simple (his wardrobe is mostly managed by mum and guided by the moto "hey, they have 5...
Hi guys, Both of my parents are turning 50 this year. My sister and I decided to take mum for a surprise trip to Hong Kong to meet us (we both live in Asia), so now I'm trying to work out what can we get for my dad while there. I know Hong Kong has a couple of good tailors, so I was thinking of getting dad a couple of nicely crafted shirts with monograms for his 50th birthday. I'm particularly choosing between WW. Chan and Jantzen. Matt has accumulated a small...
"Be careful what you wish for" they said I just went through this embarrassing procedure of "have you forgotten your password?" () to wish Merry Christmas and a great year ahead to all of you, guys!Me love Styleforum. XXx
Quote: Originally Posted by Matt the university gave me a nice piece of paper with my name on it and the name of my degree. My mother bought me lunch. The rest was on me. the same here. was i supposed to get a gift? dammit. will call my mom today to clear it up
Matt, let's go, let's go, too!.. This place sounds really awesome...
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