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it looks like someone's been trying to log into styleforum as me lately. if i start posting something strange, maybe it's someone who hacked in as me. or me just doing my normal thing.
i am definitely going to this: japanese classic car show
^ are you talking about beg's post? looks like we're back down again.
hey datasupa, were you planning to post updates of your warehouse somewhere at some point? i'm also curious how your semi dresses are coming along too.
Quote: Originally Posted by j I guess this means I can turn off the sufugee style now, and save myself from any more PMs saying "help me I CANT SEE ANY caPS ON THE forum what happened!!" really appreciate your hospitality. you're a true gentleman.
^ man, that's a nice deal for these beauties. too bad i'm more of a 38. i'm getting mine in cordovan too. they should be coming in something like 8 weeks. can't wait.
Quote: Originally Posted by NotThorns I'm not the only one who's been unable to log onto sufu for a day am I? i haven't had problems today so far.
Quote: Originally Posted by blackplatano SuFu is a mess. Why can't they get a decent F-ing server? Whatever, not my problem anymore. hmm, haven't seen you in a long time on sufu. what happened? we already know FTB's story.
??? well, other than little time issues, i guess we're doing okay over there. just a matter of time until things are smoothed out. well, maybe.
Quote: Originally Posted by j Just trying to make you guys feel at home. that's what i really thought you guys were doing for a while. good luck and may smooth upgrade be with you.
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