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Make that 54 pairs: I pulled the trigger on a size 8.5. $400 for a $725 shoe! Fingers crossed that I didn't get screwed...
Some dude named elite_hero has a bunch of Wolverine 1000 miles on ebay today, including 721s: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Wolverine-Cordovan-No-8-1000-Mile-Boots-W00137-Brown-Sizes-7-14-/271098998168?pt=US_Men_s_Shoes&vti=US+Shoe+Size+%28Men%27s%29%098.5&hash=item3f1ec26d98 I'm tempted to pull the trigger, but I'm weary of someone who has 55 pairs of a shoe of which only 1000 were made...
There's a pair of the 744s on Ebay, size 10.5. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Wolverine-1000-Mile-744LTD-Boots-Sz-10-5-D-M-/150900202729?_trksid=p5197.m1992&_trkparms=aid%3D111000%26algo%3DREC.CURRENT%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D14%26meid%3D2074715824753125990%26pid%3D100015%26prg%3D1006%26rk%3D1%26
Please let me know how that site works out for you. I can't find a Darby in size 8.5 anywhere else.
Is that site legit? It doesn't look like it.I've been looking for a pair of Darbys for a while now, but they were discontinued a year ago.
As a fellow hairy dude, I can share my trials and tribulations... I've tried getting my shoulder/back waxed (three times, to be exact), but my skin was just too sensitive. I'd break out all over, and by the time everything healed, the hair was back. Now, I use a straight edge. For the hard-to-reach places, I used to duct tape a razor to a yardstick, but this ended up being a better solution: http://www.mangroomer.com/ The razor will produce red scratches, but these...
I'm curious what the Audrick Brogue will look like. Right now, I'm leaning towards the Watson Oxford because I like the cap toe. I have a pair of the Darbys, and I'm pretty bummed they've been discontinued since mine need to be replaced. The Watsons are probably the next best thing.
got an email today about the fall 2012 line, now on pre-sale at onthfly: http://www.onthefly.com/brand/wolverine/new-for-fall?utm_source=A+Valued+Customer+of+On+The+Fly&utm_campaign=a4cad71402-Kleinberg+Horween+Leather+Belts+1&utm_medium=email
Cool man. Thanks for the reply!
I found a site that sells vintage glasses, and they have a pretty good selection. I ordered the model from the top of this page: http://www.allynscura.com/vintage_me...mensbrown2.htm One item down, two more to go...
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