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Wingtip has new spring models: And for this week, if you have apply promo code TRYINGSOMETHINGNEW, you get 25% off anything in their store.
The last time they had their sale, some Wolverine 1000 miles were included. I don't remember about Aldens.There's no way to predict what they'll try and get rid of. Just have to hope you get lucky.
they do a semi-annual 40% off sale.
Got me an 8.5. Thanks for the heads-up!
There's a limited amount of models on this morning if anyone's interested.
If you're a 9 in sneakers like me, then you should go a half-size down to 8.5.I think they're the best looking boot out of all the models -- I particularly like the cap-toe. The heel's a bit larger than the others too: I measure it at about 1.375 inches. So if you're small like me, an extra 3/8 of an inch never hurt.I got a ton of compliments on them, but unfortunately, I didn't go a half-size down like I should have. So after three years of wearing them every day...
I've been looking for a Darby for quite some time now. Not sure what size you are, but if you're a 10 or 11, you're in luck... Darby's made in China -- I think only the standard 1000 miles and the limited edition versions are made in the U.S.
I live three blocks away from this place. I love it. Since it's so crazy expensive, I can only shop there once a year during their annual sale, but they have really, really nice stuff. As far as the name? 7-11 isn't really open from 7 to 11. Much ado about nothing, I say.
Doh.Will do, thanks.
That'd be the 744, right? Did you have to size down a half step?I'm usually a size 9, but I bought a pair of 1000 mile Burtons in 8.5. I assume it's the same for any model.
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