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I got these shoes on eBay and have been in denial about the fact that they don't fit me. They're in good condition: they have minimal creases and some minor cuffing on the front of one of the toes. The heel is good. They read "Royal Tweed, by Cheaney of England. A division of Church's English Shoes, premium grade." I'll ship intl for extra. EDIT: They're on eBay now. Starting at $39.99. 3 days left. Happy bidding.
Are new members able to start new threads? I tried to, was given a message about moderator approval, but the thread was never posted. This was 2 weeks ago or so.
Also near Indianapolis. Only place I know of is the HM in Circle Centre.
I've been jogging a couple of miles every morning for about 9 months now. For most of the time, I made the mistake of listening to music, so i didn't push myself very much. For the past two months, I've been running a lot harder. My legs are sore and have more muscle. I usually never go faster than an 8 minute mile pace but I'm running almost every day. So, will I eventually not be sore? Or should I take half a week breaks?
Salmon colored BB polo, $3.
I agree. I thought the color selection was useful, ie, what colors best fit my pasty white face and dark hair, but its clothing matching ability is quite limited.
When I first saw his picture, I thought it was a handkerchief, or maybe a scarf. But in more than one scene in the movie, Barbie calls it an ascot. I was glad millions of moviegoers now had a general idea of what an ascot was, but I don't think that's the right label. Are ascots tied to the side like that, and with that kind of knot? Then the disney website called it a scarf. SF, can you clear this up for me?
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