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Quote: Originally Posted by enarchay Well, that's not really a problem for me. I was planning to buy the Red Wing GT until I discovered they don't make them in wides. I was worried that the Bayfield would look too "dressy" and that the Wolverine would be a better bet. I'll find out today. I just bought the Redwing Beckman for J Crew and I love them.
Quote: Originally Posted by Viral + 100000000 too bad though, would have been nice to see a stylish boot from America for a change. This. I really wanted to like the bayfields. Just can't do it.
Let me first say that I was really excited about the Bayfields when I first saw them on the web. I own many pairs of AE shoes. Stopped into an AE store to check them out yesterday. They are fugly!!!! Not sleek at all and pretty much look like orthopedic shoes.
Thanks guys. I will bring the two canvas bags and store them above.
Quote: Originally Posted by philosophe There is a luggage rack above your seat on the regular Amtrak trains. A garment bag should fit. Thanks! Room as in room to hang...or lay flat?
Dont have time to search the forum right now. Two things: Does the northeast regional from Boston to NYC allow you to bring garment bags onboard and is there anywhere to hang them? I always fly I, never take the train. I have a suit and a blazer in two canvas RL garment bags. For those of you who wear RL, you know how you can fold the bag in half securing the bottom handle on the hanger top; is that the best way to pack them? My damn suitcase is just a tad...
Quote: Originally Posted by Brad I don't own that many suits, maybe 20. I would say that half of them are DB. I couldn't really tell you what makes me like them at least as much, if not more, than SB. Often times, I hear people say on the forums: Young guys can't wear DB. I can't understand this. I turned 29 yesterday and have worn them for at least 4 years. I feel just as comfortable wearing DB as SB.
As if welted Aldens are so much sleeker. Child please! I have a pair of Van Ness' that are very sleek.
Try the Van Ness. It's a sleek oxford that's 270 welted to make it less bulky. I believe it' on sale for 225.00.
Quote: Originally Posted by chasingred Am I wrong for wishing that toe box was a bit sleeker? I am highly disappointed with this boot. Not sleek at all. I am going to invest in something else. Perhaps some Aldens. I tend to be an AE fanboy, too. On a side note...the new made in usa loafers AE is doing for RL are AMAZING, imo.
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