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could i bring frames to costco, lenscrafters, or any other place and have them put my prescription lenses in?
Quote: Originally Posted by Lucky Strike There's military sunglasses like American Optical, they can be ordered as empty frames, or with prescription lenses: i like those, and the price. could i bring those to costco, lenscrafters, or any other place w/o lenses and have them put my prescription lenses in?
im looking for prescription sunglasses for the coming summer months, (actually its already summer in so cal) the problem with me is that my prescription is a really high grade so i only can get flat lensed glasses because a curved lens will cause distortion. i was thinking of aviators since ive seen some of those lenses flat. the reason i need prescription glasses if because i'll be going on vacation this summer and need a pair, but also because im tired of the transition...
Quote: Originally Posted by beefyk Did the waist or inseam not shrink? There was a sticker on the jeans that warned of 5% shrinkage. I'm surprised your inseam didn't shrink. it seemed the same for me, btw i havent stuck it in the dryer so i dont know if that is the reason or if they are just like that
i washed mine inside out w/ cheer true fit in delicate cycle then hang dried inside out. they dont feel like they've softened up much. they still have the "raw" feel to them and havent lost any color. btw i only did this twice so far. i just got them a few weeks ago.
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini Google is your friend: thanks
n/m everyone, i went to pacsun and found 514's slim straights for 50% off. came out to $25. im satisfied
what is the address for Aardvarks in pasadena?
Quote: Originally Posted by drizzt3117 That's what I'm saying... Forvever 21 FTW! sorry, but no Quote: Originally Posted by drizzt3117 So why not get more H&Ms? do they have sliq's in other colors besides dark blue?
Quote: Originally Posted by Max Dude. Spend like $15 more at H&M or Uniqlo. It'll be worth it. i got h&m's and there is no Uniqlo here
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