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i always iron my undershirts when wearing casual or formal wear (rarely). it feels uncomfortable to me if its wrinkled...or maybe im just crazy.
im looking for a nice alternative to a sneaker. ive narrowed it down to two. im stumped which one to buy, like both (from the black ones). i plan to wear them w/ sliqs and 514's. help a brotha out...
so i just spent the whole day (actually half) driving around (century city, beverly center, others near my house) and i couldnt find ANYTHING that fit me. i tried on h&m, zara, target stuff, their small fitted shirts were just too baggy. i later dropped by my friends house and tried on his american eagle size xs "vintage fit" shirts. they fit perfect (or pretty close). my question is would the gap xs fitted's or other dress shirt fit similarly? btw my budget is VERY...
cop that shit
update: i ordered a pair of ray-ban rb 2132 wayfarers in black w/ the help of my sister. i found this optometrist near my area that has a 50% off sale. got the frames for $45 . with the prescription, it came out to $119. damn, what a deal. thanks for your help guys
i wear them. i got a black and a grey one. only seen younger people wearing them tho
Quote: Originally Posted by west coast wonderboy wayfarers, black, plain and simple. might pick up a nice pair of tortise shell frames soon, not sure what style though. hmm i kinda like the look of those, classic. im not sure how they'll look on me but ill definately try something like that out. one concern though: i think i may be too young to wear something like that (19). what do yall think?
ok so i was thinking about aviators, but concluded that my prescription is too strong and it wouldnt look good. i also didnt really like the way they looked on my face. show me PICS of your sunglasses on you so i can get an idea of what looks good, what frame goes w/ what face, sunglass style w/ clothing style, and what not. thanks a bunch.
these two pics are tempting me to get a pair of cesario's, nice pics guys
Quote: Originally Posted by Christofuh The Pullman and Gullwing became classics pretty much the moment they 1st rolled off the line who is that in your avitar?
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