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hi base, i'm one of the budget oriented people on the forum and i've been happy with the 514's. i have two pairs. also they're real easy to find for $30. if you have an h&m near you, i would suggest looking at the "h&m sliq raw." they're only $40 and the fit is pretty damn good. i have a pair of those also.
damn, 5'8"/6' and size 3? im 5'5", 120 lbs, skinny build, and i wear i size 4 (small). well everyone has their preference. and tiecollecter, if your girl says you look gay in a size 3, i would take her word for it.
wayfarers are fly as a mothafucka, im gettin my prescriptions tommorrow bitches!. rayban 2132's
i remember old navy had some and my sister bought a pair from forever 21, if i remember right. its a unisex frame so check out the chick stores at a mall.
once you've washed and dried them a couple of times and they shrunk already, thats the most they're ever gonna shrink. on that note, why do some people think they can buy a bigger size (not you jondoe) and it will "shrink to their size"? even if that were to happen, the shirt would be out of proportion
Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart Is this a formal bday party? Or do you just want to gear up? IF you just want to gear up, at least get rid of the corporate vibe that's making you look like you just got off work in an office. If it isn't a formal bday party, remember that being well dressed also means taking into account the environment you're going to and if everyone's wearing super casual polos/jeans/sneakers then you might want to rethink...
quick question: i've been reading (just a quick look) that some leather watches can only be adjusted for a 7.5-8.5 in. wrist. is that correct or did i read it wrong? i have a 5.5-6 in wrist (im pretty skinny), would i be able to get a leather watch? btw i havent had time to go out and try some out yet at an actual store. EDIT: Quote: Originally Posted by thewildpig Citizen's a horrible brand. Horrible electronics and horrible watches. Get one from...
Quote: Originally Posted by bigbris1 Wow. I was making a reference to the OPs SN, ethirtynine or E39, 5 series BMW. yea thats right. my first car was a e39 528i. funny coincidence on the seiko thing though.
im going to an 18th b-day next week and i wanted some opinons on my suit. now i know it not some gq shit, but im pretty sure i'll be one of the better dressers at the occasion. other guys tend to wear oversized black dress shirts with white ties or shirts/ties that match their dunk sb's anyways, what can i do to improve my look (not only suit, but shirt, tie, etc.). any suggestions? or does it look good already? thanks
wow, thanks for the suggestions guys. those look really good. what should i go for, a leather or metal strap? how do i choose between a circle or square face(?) donations?
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