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do you guys know of any place in east LA (county), north/mid OC, or west Riverside, that sells decently used/heavily discounted dress shoes? i rarely have to wear dress shoes but sometimes just gotta wear em. remember, i dont have a lot of money to spend, so please dont suggest $200 shoes will be worth it in the long run. thanks or is going to nordstrom rack, or some other place a better option?
Quote: Originally Posted by randomtw do they have different colors besides white? that is way too expensive especially for socks seriously, i dont know why people suggest out-of-our-range alternatives when some of us are buying socks, etc. at places like walmart and target. anyways, thanks for this thread, i needed some new socks too.
For those of you that wear shoes like chucks and vans slip ons, how do you deal with the pocket bulge from your wallet and cell phone. when i wear more chunky shoes (dunks, etc) the "chunk" of the shoe evens out my silhouette. but with flat shoes it make my waist look really wide, or my ass really big. tell me your suggestions of what you guys do. btw i have a thin wallet and an lg chocolate. thanks
my sister had this paste, pomade, or something else, (not sure) that made my hair have moisture in it and gave me some control over it. i had that "just woke up look", and it didn't make my hair stiff like gel. my hair didnt look like it had any product, it looked natural. can you guys tell me what im describing and where i can find it or something similar locally (target, walmart, etc) thanks
thanks guys. please excuse my ignorance, but what the difference between slipper moccasins, regular moccasins, and driving moccasins? thanks
i recieved these moccasins and the tag said "slippers", i guess they are for indoors, but i was wondering if it would be ok to wear them outdoors (they are rubber soled). i was thinking w/ jeans and t-shirt/worn in polo, but i dont want to look like those people in school who just woke up and walk around with sandals and socks. im a sneaker guy so your help is appreciated. thanks.
i bought hanes v neck undershirts (non-premium) at target. i liked the fit, but not the "nippleage." any suggestions?
Quote: Originally Posted by chronoaug I tried looking on the sports authority website for those little backpack things but i can't find it and can't for the life of me think what they're called. They're just that cheap little nylon bag with the drawstrings though. You can probably find it at any sport store. I've also seen tiny messanger bags for cheap too. Check your local army surplus store. There is a nice tiny messanger bag that's made for a...
i need something to hold my sunglasses/glasses case, ipod, etc. i was thinking of a messenger bag, but those are too big for just walking around, going to friends house, etc. i saw a guy with a "small" duffle bag, but that still has the same problem of bulkyness. i was browsing american apparel and saw the "Nylon Cordura Fanny Pack" and thought i could use it as a "mini messenger." of course i would never wear it around my waist. what do you guys think? any other...
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