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seriously, see a doctor first. edit: oops didnt see your last post. seriously, see a doctor asap.
Quote: Originally Posted by neon Driving gloves are fine option. They are youthful and romantic in a way, but I would go with something truly classic. Also, it helps if you have a convertible. perfect, i have a z4!
Regular lined winter gloves seem to be too bulky for a regular socal winter and thin wool/cotton gloves are too slippery and are not waterproof. I was thinking about leather driving gloves for regular winter use. something like this: or this: im not sure, thats why im asking you guys: can leather driving gloves be substituted for lined winter gloves or...
you can wear a cardigan with anything.
Quote: Originally Posted by bsyde82 i'm kinda new to the scarf game, but im really lookin to cop some more now as ive found them to be surprisingly functional in addition to the style factor it provides i recently picked up this scarf, and i tie/arrange it just like its shown....a more cas look that pretty much goes w/ everything i got for those of you with this scarf, is it a square...
i know there are many ways to tie a scarf (which i dont know how to do) , but i want to know what kind of knot, wrap, etc you guys use for certain looks and outfitts. also please post a how to/quick expination. thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by jabreal00 Oh, what ever you do, do not get squared toed lace ups! ftmfw!
Quote: Originally Posted by cldpsu Why hasn't anyone told this kid to ask his sister? she doesnt remember what it was called (it was a while ago). anyways i tried pomade and it has the same effect.
Quote: Originally Posted by JLibourel You can usually find A-Es on deep closeout for $129 at the A-E outlet at Cabazon. There are also C-H and (I think) J&M outlets at Cabazon. For gently used shoes, thrift shops would probably be your best bet. are there some good ones around the areas i mentioned that you know of?
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