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Why would you want to wear shit that Scott Storch wears?????????
Quote: Originally Posted by Stylish Pilot Thanks for the compliments on the cardigan guys i thrifted it for 3 bucks. That is a CRAZY find for $3! What thrifts do you go to? Your Cesarios in your other post looked good too.
los angeles
Quote: Originally Posted by ratboycom "I love you Spartacus" Quote: Originally Posted by greg_atlanta Good look if you work at Caesar's Palace. Quote: Originally Posted by landho Would look better in brown and then worn with a toga, an olive wreath, and a short, broad sword. I was thinking the same thing as all these quotes, lol. Here's the rest: (sorry, I could'nt resist ...
Hey everyone, havent posted in a while. Im looking for a Fedora that is inexpensive. Also, I dont really want to buy it online so I can try it on and see what (if at all) works for me. Suggestions? Thanks. edit: something along the lines of these in terms of shape and size. Im a small guy (5'5", 125 lbs) and i dont want a huge brim on my head. Im looking for a clean, modern look that doesnt say "look at me." Can this be found at a mall, department store, thift store,...
Where Did You Get Them From?
thanks for your replies. now that i think of it, i should've posted WHY i was thinking of shoe trees, it wasnt just for the hell of it. its because, i bought a new pair and put it next to my 3 month old pair and noticed the foot hole's shape was bad, there were some deep wrinkles on the top, and overall it wasnt looking too good. now i know they are supposed to be broken in and i like it, but i just dont want them to look too fucked up, later on. (does that make sense?) i...
So I bought a pair of my first dress shoes and a pair of cedar shoe trees for it. I was looking at my Sperry's and was wondering if putting cedar shoe trees in them would be a good idea. Doesn't cedar help absorb odors too? Thanks.
i know they look plain in the picture, but they were the few that i liked on my face. plastic frames dont work for me. actually, now that i think of it, if i were buying online, i would have just glossed over this pair. good thing i looked for glasses in person.
how to tie laces like this?
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