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Quote: Originally Posted by nvizible Hi, Voila today's outfit: Any opinions welcome. - Dom that looks pretty fresh. i would prefer a leather band watch, but thats just me. the only thing i dont like is your avatar. seriously, change that shit.
Quote: Originally Posted by dkzzzz "Metzner" BNWT form Ebay, cost: $15.00 Lenses at private optical shop: $130.00 holy shit, thats a great buy. i was looking for a second pair and i never thought of ebay. i'll give it a shot before walking in to lenscrafters or elsewhere. thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by robbie Target has inexpensive oxford shirts. +1 Quote: Originally Posted by sonick For casual, American Eagle's vintage fit shirts aren't bad if you can find ones with minimal branding. +1. I remove the pocket before I wash it. For $15-25 on sale, they're pretty good (except the striped patterns). They fit me right (xs vintage fit) and with the logo gone, no one knows its American...
Im feeling them. Yea they only go with so much, but for $30, i'd go for it.
I had this problem too. For the wallet, I ended up buying this: It's the only "big skinny" where the logo doesnt scream "look at me." Its not leather, but the compromise is worth the thinness. For keys, I kept the few essentials on a key ring and put the rest in the wallet. If they still dont fit, your pants are way too tight.
Quote: Originally Posted by stickonatree they will look great if it's slimmer jeans. try looking at getsmart's posts in waywt - his outfits are killer, most paired with a short/ankle length/tapered jean. thanks Quote: Originally Posted by hustlenflo22 I couldn't disagree more--a lot of summer pants will have a shorter cut, and are usually worn without socks for a comfortable, airy fit. It's a good call, and I'd hem at the... I was thinking of doing something like this to an old pair of 514's for the spring and summer. I dont want it too dramatic so i think the 3rd pic would be the best example (or possibly lower?). They would be worn with Sperry Top Siders. Where should the hem end? The top of the ankle, the top of the shoe,...
Quote: Originally Posted by Butazi Please rate, I actually liked what I had on today (went shopping this past weekend). Machine Polo (with Tshirt) Levi's 521's bootcut (or something) Airwalks WHoa! that undershirt is out of control. Just lose the undershirt since polos dont look right with them anyways. Also, get rid of those Air Walks. Im guessing your probably not into slim shoes and more into chunky sneakers (correct me if im...
What will happen to me if I drink protein shake and I skip working out for that day or couple of days?
thanks for this.
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