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Hey guys, I have for sale a Filson Duffle Bag, Medium size in Otter Green. The bag is brand new with tags. Measurements are: 25" W x 14" H x 13" D. Retail: $295. Asking: $245 Shipped CONUS.Paypal please. Thanks for looking.
does anyone know any decent CHEAP (like $200-250) black leather jackets? btw its not for me, its for my dad, and he couldnt care less about fit, etc. as long as its ok-decent quality leather its all good. i know its not much, but i dont exactly have hundreds lying around. anyone have suggestions? thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by xchen True to size, yes. For me same size as Chucks, AE, JPs. so they would be my "chucks size" or my "normal/everything else size"?
Just a quick question, do the blucher mocs fit true to size? For reference im 8 in Chucks, 8.5 Purcells, 9 in everything else.
I think they're regular, but i'll double check.
Price drop! Converse: $20 shipped. Sperry: $30 shipped. Lacoste: gone. Also, i'll post pics tomorrow.
does anyone know where i could find the gray hi or lows? also, anyone know where i could find these in LA, OC, Riverside? thanks.
Hey Everyone, I have three pairs of shoes for sale. They are all in good condition, worn about 10-15 times at most. The reason im selling them is because I have too many shoes (for me) and I just need to make space. Note: I dont have the original boxes anymore. All shoes fit true to size. I will post pics tomorrow evening, but will put up links for now. Thanks for looking. Converse Chucks Premier - sz. 9 Dark Gray, Brown $25...
Quote: Originally Posted by spertia Quote: Originally Posted by gshen Fresh.
Hey guys, I'm gonna get Pucell's for everyday use. I was looking at zappos and saw that the leathers were about the same $. It got me to thinkin'. Now im not sure, which do you guys suggest??
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