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After a few good weeks I managed to grind my way up into 1st, but it all sort of petered out at the end. Still, 3rd's not too bad I suppose.
A couple of years ago a got a suit in a sample sale that had concealed, but functioning, cuff buttons. After thinking about it I decided it looked weird and took it to a tailor so they could turn them into normal cuffs. While you might think it's an interesting idea, chances are that most people when seeing it will think it slightly odd.
For London folk, Richard James are having a pop-up sale in Covent Garden somewhere. Started today and going on till Sunday I think. Last time I went to one the suits were from about £300ish and I picked up a couple of ties for £20 each and a cashmere sweater for £30. Might report back a bit more tomorrow.
Now I know we're only half way through the week but... Top of the league!
I've shopped at Vente Privee and it seems to be legit. It's all limited quantities of a small selection of stuff so my guess is it's just end of line stock that someone wants to get rid of.Shipping was slow though. I think it took them a couple of weeks just to dispatch.
I had Graham Browne make me a Dashing Tweeds suit for my wedding about a year and a half ago. Cost a fair bit but certainly don't regret it.Which tweed are you going for?I was going to say "I'd upload a picture but I don't have any" but it seems I've had the forethought to use one as my avatar.[edit]Just a note that the trousers are bunching up because I'm wearing a pair of wellies (2 sizes too small) because of the three feet of snow I'm standing in)
I cannot recommend the sausage roll enough. You may be tempted by the spicy lamb or the hot roast pork sandwich, these are just distractions. They do a pork and stilton sausage roll but I haven't tried that as they don't always have them in. The Ginger Pig is also at the Borough Market, so you can pick one up there, but if it's a nice day I'd say a quick visit to La Fromagerie, The Ginger Pig and a picnic in Regents Park is in order. There's a few nice bars and...
I got mine at Turnbull & Asser, but looking at their website they don't seem to have the fixed length ones for sale on the website. So either they don't do them anymore or they only do them instore. I agree that it's certainly a better look for a wing collar though. Downside is that they're a lot more of a pain in the arse to tie, especially if you don't have much cause to practice. I only seem to be capable of doing mine when I'm drunk.
How do I go about requesting a name change?
Hoping for something more like this? to get it off a blog as the Times is paywalled now)[EDIT] I seem to be incapable of doing links.
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