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I had plans of making a 2 piece suit last spring, in a heavy navy vintage cloth I inherited from my great grandfather. Problem is, the cloth is just 3.15 metres and my tailor said it wouldn't be enough even for a 2 piece. And I am about 6 feet tall, 1.83 cm that is. Is my cause completely lost or would you think I could have it made somewhere else? Regards
I took some pictures the other day. Have at you! Navy vintage DB jacket Khaki chinos Cognac cap-toes etc http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=2dikc5g&s=6 http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=nv9tme&s=6 http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=1248zs1&s=6 And yes, the jacket's sleeves are about one or two cm too short, but I'll fix that eventually.
Hello! How is Bexley's Enfield in terms of fending off (quite a lot) of snow and such?? Is the sole enough? I'd appreciate an answer!
Today's summeroutfit. Pants are navy blue flat fronts and a pair of chestnut cap-toes. Link: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images...612kl1649.jpg/
The daily picture: http://img710.imageshack.us/i/bild20110414kl12542.jpg/ And bonus: http://img864.imageshack.us/i/sam1012.jpg/
My Mad Men contribution! http://oi56.tinypic.com/v5ybuw.jpg Gray flannel suit, white oxford shirt and regimental tie. What do you say?
New shirt with full-spread collar, new wool tie as well as a new pair of oxford shoes from Loake. http://sv.tinypic.com/view.php?pic=ay4t8h&s=7 http://sv.tinypic.com/view.php?pic=fk6rua&s=7 http://sv.tinypic.com/view.php?pic=jzl8w&s=7 http://sv.tinypic.com/view.php?pic=ftoktv&s=7 Have at you!
As the weather here in Scandinavia gets worse, the necessity of a solid raincoat is unquestionable. But I don't feel sorry, I dress best during autumn. http://sv.tinypic.com/view.php?pic=2aifxxz&s=4 The trenchcoat is from the french brand A.P.C. Flynn
http://sv.tinypic.com/view.php?pic=15y82zl&s=5 I know the chino pant is a little too short for what is proper menswear but I prefer it. And the belt and the shoes mismatches, I am fully aware of that. The tie is tied in a strange way, perhaps to get the feeling of a sloppy university student
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