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I'm not sure what "line the coat" means, but I've heard that tailors in general have no problem in tailoring heavier cloth, quite the opposite really.I have seen that Molloy fabric and it is truly great, although too lightweight to perform as a heavier overcoat.This Fox Brothers cloth is the closest I have come in terms of weight, pattern and color:, 23/24 oz can still be too...
Hello, For a while I have been looking for a heavier tweed fabric suitable for a very thick and warm overcoat. I am mainly looking for a fabric in about 25-30 oz, but I can not seem to find anything. I know that Fox Brothers make a British Warm fabric in 30 oz, but I would like an oatmeal coloured herringbone. Any ideas from where I could find a fabric as described above? Thanks in advance
I had plans of making a 2 piece suit last spring, in a heavy navy vintage cloth I inherited from my great grandfather. Problem is, the cloth is just 3.15 metres and my tailor said it wouldn't be enough even for a 2 piece. And I am about 6 feet tall, 1.83 cm that is. Is my cause completely lost or would you think I could have it made somewhere else? Regards
I took some pictures the other day. Have at you! Navy vintage DB jacket Khaki chinos Cognac cap-toes etc And yes, the jacket's sleeves are about one or two cm too short, but I'll fix that eventually.
Hello! How is Bexley's Enfield in terms of fending off (quite a lot) of snow and such?? Is the sole enough? I'd appreciate an answer!
Today's summeroutfit. Pants are navy blue flat fronts and a pair of chestnut cap-toes. Link:
The daily picture: And bonus:
My Mad Men contribution! Gray flannel suit, white oxford shirt and regimental tie. What do you say?
New shirt with full-spread collar, new wool tie as well as a new pair of oxford shoes from Loake. Have at you!
As the weather here in Scandinavia gets worse, the necessity of a solid raincoat is unquestionable. But I don't feel sorry, I dress best during autumn. The trenchcoat is from the french brand A.P.C. Flynn
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