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Don't even try to tie them all the way to the top when they're fresh. And wear thick-ish wool socks. I still wear them tied just above the first set of hooks with the laces wrapped around the back.
Having owned these for ~8 months now I decided to go for a round of Obenauf's LP. If I knew it was going to be so much fun, I'd have done it sooner! These boots are seriously great. Holding up pretty well too. I'd like to get a decade out of them. Before: After:
Just got my Katahdin's in today! Shipped in about 2 days. My pair doesn't seem to have any of the grain issues people are returning for. They're definitely a lot darker than pictured too. I'm usually a 10.5 or 11, and went with 10.5 and seems to be the right fit. Maybe could fit in a 10, but I think 10.5 is right. Super stiff leather too - probably gonna have bruises at the end of the day, but worth it in the end as they seem like they're going to break in nicely.
stain 'em brown!
Reese's Eggs and the return of seasonal local ice cream
Couldn't find an old thread on this so I figured I'd ask since woks seem to be common around here. I've been looking to get a wok 'cause I don't like getting cast iron or ss super hot. Carbon steel seems the be the standard. No plastic. Would like to use it on both electric and gas ranges. I can find woks that fit these criteria around the web but it's tough to gauge quality especially since they're mostly all $15-$50. Is it best to find some commercial stuff?
I just got through a semester of what you're about to do..... I got a Lodge skillet which is not bad. It's certainly cheap and fairly nonstick, though I've since replaced it with some vintage Wagner stuff I've found at the thrift store recently. It's just nice to be able to do many things with one piece. (sauteing, roasting, baking, frying...): For... Currently have some brown suede Alden 963's in 7.5 in bidding at about $130. Also, some B&L Ray-Ban Outdoorsmans at $50. 15% off to any SF'er.
I tried to be good and buy some free range eggs. Organic and whatnot...... Can't not break the yolk on the crack. All I want is an egg over easy! (On the plus side, I discovered organic milk is the most delicious thing known to man. Never going back to that semi-powdered commercial crap)
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