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Colombia will probably still qualify, but they're not looking as sharp as when they got über-hot last year. Argentina are Argentina. Hope they hit the Semis, at least, next year.
I really hope Dempsey didn't deliberately fluff that PK at the end for the sake of the scoreline... It was so wide as to measure "ridiculous"
If you're athletic at all, I wouldn't hesitate to size up 1 on the 701s. Did the same on my 702s and I doubt I've ever had a better jean
US qualifies for Brazil by giving a solid thump to Mexico. Tomátela -
So well put together, Rob. Dropping mine off for preschool tomorrow - know I'll easily be far more distressed than she will be.
Sweet. Wish the cut worked for me. Had a pair that I loved, but had to move them on for dem thighs. (story of my life )
Bravo, Mistral. What cut is that again? 013?
Volume swells w/ the knob on your LP?
BeIN, as you know, carries La Liga almost exclusively outside of Spain. They also have a great selection of other matches - as far as I know, they're the channel with the most games period (Serie A, Ligue 1, tons of WCQ, and a good dabbing of of English matches) GolTV, I believe still has the Bundesliga, but that's about their only claim to fame. Probably some South American leagues too. BeIN made tons of headlines last year for swooping in and effectively eviscerating...
Have never wildcarded before. What does it entail? Very happy that Lukaku was snapped up by Everton. Won't have to transfer him out in the near future. Also swapped Adam Johnson for Özil. Bringing a little of my madrista to the EPL.
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