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EMG anythings
I guess they abandoned the idea of "Doom = Hacker" pretty quick, eh?
They just announced these via newsletter recently.
Does re-registering your username automatically re-enter you in Stylish Gentlemen? Seems like I didn't need to enter a league code.
Definitely in. Haven't been cruising the site much recently, so hadn't been aware of the new league til now.
Obviously the El Argentino meetup. Obviously. Complete in Heirloom cardigan sweaters, cordovan boots, and wool rivets, right?Will have to check schedule.
Don't let the brand mark on your guitar get you down. I have an Epiphone 335 that I played through Jr.High and HS that I always liked. Felt really resonant, played well. I replaced the plastic nut with a bone one about 4 months into owning it, and the intonation was always spectacular afterwards. About 1.5 years ago I dug it out of a closet and wanted to learn more about the guts of the thing, so I took it apart and rewired it w/ a new harness and pups. I'd put it up...
Normally that offer is biannual. Hadn't heard it started recently
If it fits you well and you like them
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