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THIS x1000. So much SF-focus on "perfect fit" while in Robo-pose, but disregarding how the suit actually fits you in real-life. If you stand perfectly still at military-level attention, it doesn't wrinkle, but any movement away from that position = wrinkling? Then it doesn't fit you well. The suit is too small overall, and you probably need to regauge what you consider a "correct" fit in real life.
The pockets slightly bulging/bowing out in the last pic means that the pants are too tight in the seat and possibly upper thighs. This is why it "crumples". Get the seat let out if you keep it. Jacket looks passable
Do like. May very well be an instakop right there.
Also now remember that Stryker had Logan all wrangled up in the Potomic, and not Trask. Yes, Neo, you're correct about Bone in the 70s.
And didn't Origins happen "before" the 70s in DoFP? Did logan have adamantium in DoFP in the 70s?
Ok, that makes sense. I'd assume Logan in Japan could still happen uninterrupted, and that X1/X2 are still technically plausible b/c Logan ends up at Xavier's mansion in the end of DoFP no worse for wear.Why shouldn't we expect the Sentinels to win again if time is a river straightening itself out? Won't that mean everyone will end up in the glass fortress in China?!?!?!
Are they going to attempt to jimmy the last wolverine movie into this somewhere (ala First Class)? When does the last Wolverine solo movie take place now? - or has that continuum been wiped out by the DoFP reboot? I assume he's being held by Trask in Canada now, although he already has adamantium, right? All this time-travel stuff for a casual observer is too much.
Wow. Ok. Missed that storyline somewhere.Archangel, Wolverine, & Magneto have all been horsemen. check.
Psylocke looking hot. WTF is up w/ Magneto's new uni?
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