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Zippy, you in the Vdara?
1) This jacket looks amazing. 2) The pose, moustache, and tie-tuck make this photo even better. EDIT: The blue digicamo looks pretty cool as well. Prefer it, in fact, to the standard digicamo offerings.
I saw on Twitter that Lazio leveled suit to anyone who doubted this...?
Am currently getting my butt absolutely handed to me in the squat rack. Trying to hit my 305x4x5 and midway through had to bail and deload to 245 and just rep out. Hate the feeling of knowing you're actually capable of far more but the body just craps out. Being down with a stomach bug the last two days doesn't help, but heck, man.
Digging the Birkenstocks w/ socks...
Wearing Lavender overdye today (no photo). Have said it before, but freaking love the weight and heft of these shirts. Fall well, great shape, beefy but soft and comfortable.
I think a hefty cuff on the bottom of linen could work for some people - the extra heft of the cuff could help the linen to fall better and thus maintain a slightly sharper look by helping to maintain the main pressed crease. Also gives it a bit more visual weight so you're not blowing around loosey-goosey.
Ugh, Arsenal are painful to watch. Let's tap the ball to eachother as many times as possible through the center of 8 ManU defenders!
Ah, the constant frenetic atmosphere of EPL games (Arsenal/ManU). Let's see some fireworks... EDIT: My fantasy team really wants Rooney to have a game. My conscience wants Arsenal to slam ManU further down the table.
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