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While all is based on the western scale of music, I don't think "jazz rules" per se are the same thing as Baroque / Ren. rules. Outgrowths probably, but not the same thing.
More likely their actions now constitute the "rules" we learn today, instead of fitting into them.
Not bad at all. As expected, a step up from most of your mall brand suits (ie, a higher silhouette and placement), but not so high as to feel really restrictive. Napoli or York are probably the most forgiving of SuSu's cuts.
These sorts of people - race baiters, not Saints fans - need to be rounded up an summarily executed to prevent their dumbness from infecting society. Actually, Saints fans may well be appropriately included here...
Think Suicide Squad will break the comic-movie mold and swing an R?
Still frustrated that that's still a year out when it looks done now. But still pumped.
Despite age getting there on Germany's 7, I think he'll instantly upgrade ManU to a title contender. That's a fantastic move for United. Makes me wonder though, from a nationalist perspective, would Schweini and Kroos have left Bayern if the manager weren't Guardiola, and someone more keen on German nationalism at the club...?
I know it sounds paltry compared to some off the other goodness EP produces, but I think their ties are one of their most under appreciated products. Great purchase
Yes, but realize MX knocked in goals against Cuba, not any team that actually competes for anything, ever
Yes... mike&molly syndrome
New Posts  All Forums: