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I'm actually really excited at the prospect of Chelsea being 5 points under ManCity by the end of this weekend. Courtois out on Red, Chelski not firing and the doctor being removed from the traveling squad, going to a hostile Etihad where ManCity look healthy and hungry.
Back in my day (when I started), Mexifenders were $349 max at GC. American Standards were $799, and I had a friend who got an American deluxe HSS for about $1k as a birthday gift. We were all in awe. I've given up the aspiration for any Gibson, unless it's used. The new ones play like crap, the tuner-on-headstock is horrible, and they just feel crummy.
BPL is only one week in. As more leagues get going and transfer window closes I bet it'll pick up further.
There is no way that Revenge of the Sith was worse than Attack of the Clones.
wutHow can anyone not know that Hamil is going to be all wizardy? That doesn't give anything away.
In really hoping Luke can still commune with Force Spirits and that doesn't go the way Zahn wrote it out. Get Ewan back in robes and cgi Yoda
PBS won't roll over and allow SS to picture Bert and Ernie in bed together?
First of all, Silk is way stronger and more resilient than this rep is giving credit. SuSu should stand behind their faulty production.
Saw that Hudson the day it dropped. Will kop
Love my JM Strat.
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