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Finally conned myself into getting a full bottle of a longstanding favorite - Tom Ford Grey Vetiver tonight.
I'm not normally one to whine, but I don't know how anyone can harp and complain about a rare shell shortage w/ this guy sporting Ravello 5/5 days a week, esp when 4 look brand new.
All this talk of oly shoes is getting me intrigued. I see a few guys with the bright Volt romaleos at the gym, and one guy w/ a pair of white/black w/ red highlight adipowers.
Great post and transformation, @Foxhound
Bump, in hope the thread gets a bit more traffic and participation
I agree in principal, but it's really not extremely difficult to learn and do for oneself.
To echo others: I love EP's Large shirts - they're very fitted. I take a 41 in EP jackets. Any larger and I would likely size up on shirts. At a 42 otr, I would believe an XL would work out best for you in shirting.
Wash and dry them hot. Will bring them up a few inches if unsanforized, maybe 1 inch if not.
Another vote for Flyknit Lunar 1s. Great ride. First running shoe I will seek to repurchase when they give out, rather than seeking something new.
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