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Off-ISO or not, that's a good looking combo, SVB.
HD shots of our favorite equipment.
I agree with this... to a point.But if they were "just jeans" you wouldn't be dropping close to $300 for a pair. There's plenty of dark-weft jeans out there w/ similar measurements to fit the bill.
I like this idea, gomestar. And I agree that the Turbo has a much more distinct sound when looking for overdrive/distortion. Superior to the DS-1, and all of the subsequent pedals (Metal Zone, Mega Distortion, etc). My favorite overdrive pedal remains basic yellow one by MXR. Have that laying around somewhere.
Or essentially anything. So many companies now have jumped on the "saturated indigo" train and are offering things w/ dark weaves and wefts. PBJ, 3Sixteen, N&F, etc.
Oooh. Tube porn.
Agree w/ those above. If the pink inseam isn't going to do it for you, look to another brand. It's part of the "quirk" that makes Momotaro what it is.
Sitting in a CL spot for the first time in 3 seasons Should've captained Baines.
I'd echo this completely (except I'm not wearing one). L/S polos aren't my thing at all, but this one looks beyond attractive.
I'd agree w/ the general consensus. I have a pair of Cigar LWBs w/ tonal differences far more slight than that, but even now over a year later it still gets at me sometimes. Color difference that drastic shouldn't be sold - they literally look like two separate shoes. Return them.
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