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Am putting my 2002 Epiphone Dot under the knife in the near future, and am planning on gutting it - new harness, new pickups, probably a Bigsby too. Wanting to zone in on the Late Cream tone (knowing that he used his SG on Disraeli Gears), Justin Hayward's tone through Moody Blues' albums 3-7, but still able to reach an early-90s crunch (Weezer, JEW, etc) in a stretch. PB has helped me zone in on PAF-style pickups, and I'm currently debating between a slew: Seymour...
Looking good, Rob. Homemade tie?
I appreciate PB's review. Will definitely have to look into this.Glenjay - is the link in your sig the place to order the goods? Do you have a webpage? How do we access your product?
I like the autumn leaf in there. good touch.
Fairly certain I read it as Aberdeen on the site... what's to debate?
Momotaro 702s NatCXL Indys Hello, Autumn
I have to admit the world is upside down. No reason I should be at the top of this table.
Kwhite - your arsenal of size 11.5/12s inspires every bit of jealousy within me. Looking good.
Piob, if you are near a public library, go check out a book called "Totally Guitar" and give it a read. It has a lot of the technical breakdown that you're looking for on gear and guitars, as well as exercises and practice materials. Got it for a birthday when I was 17, and I've gone back to it repeatedly to get basic rundowns on multiple subjects.
First day of the season taking out NAMOR's old boots. #8 JGilbert Captoes on Plaza.
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