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Epis forever But it's true I dream of owning a Cherry red ES-335.
Washing machine is perfectly fine. They'll shrink if you didn't already soak them before wearing, but that's what unsanforized denim does.Cold water, little agitation, inside out (if you don't want as much indigo loss), hang dry.
This is likely polish buildup from the previous owner or Alden themselves. and can be minimized / removed by lightly wetting a cloth with water and rubbing it over the affected surface for five minutes or so, with medium-level of pressure, then an insane amount of brushing. Won't fix it in one go, but do that for a few months regularly and the texture will be fixed.
This is why he is now dead. Yeesh.
I've at least boiled down that USA Deluxes now feature a compound radius neck and N3 pickups. USA Standards feature more standard necks with Custom Shop 50's reissue pups and the USA Specials are Texas Special single coils. All have 22 frets.Classic Player / Vibe strats vary based on neck shape. They all have 21 frets. 50s w/ a soft V-neck, 60's with a C-neck, and 70's with a deep U-neck. 70s also have the "big" CBS headstock and 3bolt neck instead of four.Still working on...
My guitar center has had some fantastic used gear recently as well. Tried to take 15 minutes to go onto the Fender webpage and boil down what the differences are between the pages and pages of stratocasters they produce, and how that correlates to price. Still dumbfounded. Classic Players / Vibes, Standards, Deluxes, Deluxe Standards, FSRs, Ultras, Specials... Especially now that you're seeing Squires priced higher than MIMs, and MIMs approaching $700 to compete w/...
SNS Herning Stark, Maroon JCrew Vintage Oxford, Blue Levi's 514 in raw, Japanese Selvage Alden Natural CXL Indy Boot
Old maroon stark.
Pocket flare is a result of the pant pulling across your hips and/or butt. The measurement of the waist of the garnet may also contribute. What I'm saying is that the pant is a touch too tight and needs to be loosened. Taking in the waist (making it smaller) will likely only exacerbate the problem.
Thank you for the reply Mike. Excited for the Wilshire. Sweatshirt also looks like a nice trim body and good details. EPLA line is going to knock it out of the park. EDIT: pumped to give the contest a go.
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