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IMO, don't bother w/ the raws. Too many sizing mistakes have resulted in the history of STF denim to bother. Just get the O/W - there will be no difference in indigo behavior, plus you'll know immediately if they will fit or not.
I can take a stab at this - I know Mauro decently well and own a few shirts from both brands. For reference, I take a Large in EP shirts (41 EP jacket) and an XL in the WvG Before Dinner fit.As stated, I take a Large in EP shirts. They are my ideal fit; fitted through the top and shoulders and then slim down through the body. Sleeves are also just a tad long, but I don't mind it. FWIW, most of my EP shirts are "dressier" and fit that aesthetic better for my body shape.I...
When I purchased my acoustic, I played a lot of Martins and Taylors. Only a few Gibsons. Like my Martin D-21 the best. More bass response and "openness" than they Taylors which were brighter and and more tinny. Gibsons sounded dead to me as well -
Thanks for the thread @cyc wid it. I made one of these last year and was meaning to get another one going but thought there wouldn't be enough interest. This year, I eliminated the remnants of my pre-SF wardrobe and assembled a decent foundation of basics for both my work and casual wardrobes. I discovered Epaulet and Wolf vs. Goat both fit my aesthetic well, and I stuck mainly to those brands. El Argentino's 2013 In Review: Above Expectations: Epaulet...
Got a pair of Japanese "Slims" today in the holiday raw selvage, and these feel much better built than their selvage last year (12-13). I have to say that my favorite fit in any jean anywhere is the gap "Straight" and now eager to see how these measure up.
Where did you pick up your M7? Been wanting to find that for almost two years now, but it remains elusive.
Don't mean to clog the thread, but received an EP package yesterday w/ the longsleeve grey speckled Lazio polo and the ultraviolet/charcoal flannel shirt. Chose to wear the ultraviolet today and holy cow, is this shirt amazing. Fabric is so beefy but still light and with great drape. No doubt SVB can vouch - I remember you got the Blue/Red in the same fabric from your contest entry. The flannel is definitely my favorite shirt pickup yet from EP. Can't wait for the Lazio's...
Was just recommended this brand on the "Ask a Quick Question" Thread, inasmuch as I'm looking for a black, calfskin 2-3 eyelet chukka w/ a sleeker profile. Think I've hit the nail on the head with the Kempton. Eager to flip through this thread further.
Thank you - will do.
Looking for a black, 2-eyelet, chukka boot. Have looked at Alden's various offerings, but I'd prefer something a bit more sleek. Ideas where to start?
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