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Jackman is such a boss. Holy crap.
Oh, it is, friend. It is. This does not prevent me from jealous glances at all you guys in tweed and flannel...
Workout was so difficult today. Didn't eat enough yesterday, surely. Last set of cleans was brutal. Also, finally got an email back from Martin @Leangains about getting on as a client - after sending him a request for information 2.5 years ago....
Favorite WvG care tag = "Don't Be an Idiot"
Yes, I suppose we've also thrown the entire "son of Magneto" thing under the bus as well.
Who the eff is that supposed to be? Quicksilver looks horrendous. Losing faith. Save me, Fassbender. EDIT: NVM, saw Toad on the cover. No more Ray Park...
Was about to say... Athletic (read "thicker") guys almost always look better with pleated pants (1 pleat for shape). If your definition of athletic = "emaciated," then sure, the flat-front skinny pant look is flattering and on trend.It's almost universally accepted that pleated pants fall and drape better than flat fronts on guys of any volume.
Look at me the trendsetter... Was actually leaning more towards a C&J Tetbury sort of look. Definitely more suited to EPNY than LA though.
This is cool - I believe pleats have similarly had their rep tarnished (albeit for different reasons than black), but they are, in fact, often more flattering than flat fronts.I would agree though that a slim-straight cut (and by "slim-straight" I mean the slightest taper to capture the natural shape of the leg) is generally the most appealing and universal of fits for men's pants.EDIT: A black, two eyelet chukka, Mike. A la Daniel Craig's "Istanbul" suit in Skyfall.
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