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Still not able to see the outlet, even with the eu link below. Complete computer illiterate here.
How do you log into the outlet site? I changed my location on the website to Spain and see a bunch of 259 Euro suits that look great, but what's the catch?
Another vote for blind.
it's really not that bad, guys
Could not say no to that Forest color. There's a fair 4 months here where sweaters are... possible....
Yes, that's fair - they're not exactly the same price. But to have so little price difference between jackets of the same fit/configuration and a full suit of the same seems odd.
Also, I think it's coming time for the Pre-ordered custom heirloom cardigans to be getting ready for shipment. Any timeline yet available on that, Mike?
I feel like these were just barely purchased as a last pair in the EP sale section for far less than $225. Could be wrong though...
Forgive me if this is an obvious question, but why are SS jackets priced the same as the suits? I feel like just getting the suits would be so much more economical. I tried a neutral linen Havana jacket the other day and was somewhat shocked it was $500 or so - I paid that much for a Havana suit in the spring
Costco FTW yet again
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