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They've cleared goal-line review for Brazil 2014, as well as water-break timeouts.Pussyingup the sport.
Channel your inner Jack Bruce.
Oh, no doubt.Although at the same time, I give such arguments no credence when I can tune in to watch superhumans like LeBron flop to the floor like a flacid trout on no-contact, as well.
Quicksilver wearing Nike Flyknit Lunar 2s?
Neymar dove, straight up. Iniesta was banged around, but had no chance of getting the ball that Xabi Alonso cleanly swipes away.
Yes, they've got some give. Not enough to merit resizing (for me), but they're definitely not as snug as when I got them.
I don't think the press or anyone should throw out the term "hat trick" when 2/3 goals scored by an individual are penalties. Minimizes the achievement. And I know Ronnie knocks them in the same way. But "hat trick" should be reserved for scoring from the open field of play. The press will go on and on this week about how Messi has suddenly found his form again against Madrid. No - he had one lucky squib and two converted PKs.
Can't do much when the ref buys into every single maldito blaugrana dive in the box. Crap red on Ramos, no foul on Neymar (=converted pk), and no foul on Iniesta (=another converted pk). Liga opens up yet again.
Still regret not buying those from you when I had the chance.
Feelers retracted. Classified made. Come at me.
New Posts  All Forums: