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Well, that farce of a penalty has now stripped me of any respect or admiration for Pogba.
Juve / Madrid very tame until now - about 30 minutes in and Juve finally showing some life.
PRS are beautiful, generally. That looks like a good one. Some sort of McCarty?
Yes sir.
Your PTBs look the same shade as my Cigar.
Your game-week score was fantastic. Maybe something to building around all forwards...
Right - I'm coming at this as having had a 705 that I believe was almost bulletproof. There's just such a high number of people in here reporting crotch issues on the -02 as opposed to the 01 or 05.
For my constant praise of momotaro's durability, word on crotch holes after "6 months" of wear continues to worry me.
Mad props to Mike for the nude tights. Why Robin?
Despite the departure (seemingly) from the comic storyline, still looks appealing. Jackman looking freaking ripped as ever.
New Posts  All Forums: