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Oh no idea. I think PSG will roll Chelski and United w/o Roo don't have a chance (unless Mata and Kagawa bring it like on Saturday).
Very pleased that Everton took Arsenal today.
You can use that tele jangle to mask a lot.
Good job to both of you. I'm right around the same range right now, going to hit my 5x5x325 tonight. I too remember struggling and feeling like a boss hitting a 1rm @315.
Yes, the 6 individual strat saddles make string intonation (both individual and between multiple strings) much easier than having two strings per saddle or all 6 across one bar.I'd always assumed the Tele-bridge twang was b/c of placement of the pickup + metal plate on which it all sits.
Usage of the word. Crazy.
Nope - this has actually been asked a few times over the course of the last month or so.
Likely ordering a few directly from the site after a good B/S experience earlier this year. Got Tokyo Slim broadcloths in button-down and cutaway from SF - think I'm going to try the NYSlim on this order. The Tokyo slim fits wonderfully in the body, but a hair tight in the shoulders, with the cuffs just a bit short. (for reference, a 16/35 TS). I also take a 16/35 BBESF - so think I'm going to attempt the 16-35.5 NYSlim and see what's up.
Daphne Blue w/ mint green pickguard.
New Posts  All Forums: