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If the stripes in 2 are too bold, and thus you stand out too much, but you still want a pinstripe suit, get 1.
NOAP. All for Marvel and the power play.
No, not when Carmina's are only $100 more. They may be blake stitched, but I still wouldn't trust them at retail.
Mocha was by far the best color of the releases. No offense to Team Saddle, but it's true.
Oh good. Even w/ the TomFord nod, that looks ridiculous.
^^^^ This man knows what's up.
No problems w/ Marvel putting the pimp hand down on Fox.
IME, t-shirts = fold, always. Otherwise get stretched out hanging.
EP team - I'm positive the restock questions get repetitive, so I'm sorry. Really wanting to grab your burgundy calfskin dress belt in a 38 - I note the entire size run is present except for the 38. When could I expect that size to be restocked?
No difference in fit - only difference is the amount SS paid for the fabric, reflected in the lower price.
New Posts  All Forums: