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Oh so spiderboy is british too! Should've just assumed that at this point.
"worldwide casting search" I'm sure.
That's impressive to see how intricate the "despecialization" was, but to me it's much ado about nothing. Really? Viewers are pissed because of dewbacks in the background of shots?It's also intriguing how much it reveals Lucas to be a "tinerker" constantly changing things. I wasn't aware that that many "versions" of SW had been released.
S130 v S110 is a thoughtful question, but the answer is not as straightforward. People like @Mauro from Wolf vs Goat can talk your ear off about the quality of fabrics; there's an inherent sense that the height the thread count, the "more luxurious" the fabric is, or that it's better. This is not always the case as there are many factors to consider.The higher a thread count goes, the more threads per square inch or cm are woven in the fabric. This usually means the...
Zap them in the dryer. Ultimate shrinkage, and the only guarantee that fades won't move is to shrink them down to their max now. That's why it's always smartest to either buy sanforized, or completely shrink them right of the bat. Otherwise you will always be dealing with shrinking/stretching issues.
The Napoli and York are the most "forgiving" cuts of suits that SS does from what I've seen. They're the most "business appropriate" in their styling. The Napoli's run big for their tagged size compared to the other cuts you mention, so sizing down is a distinct possibility depending on your body shape. Most any cut from SuitSupply is still, though, considered fashion-forward and there's no real chance you'll look fuddy in an SuSu product. Blue Line fabrics and Purple...
Yes, the pants are generally unbearably slim for the corresponding jacket size if you do any significant athletic activity at all.I've taken to sizing by pants, and then tailoring the jacket to make things work b/c of SS obstinate refusal to do separates.
Pure Sig material right here.
No, get the larger size
Was going to bring up the nuclear family, but honestly thought I'd be laughed off in that assumption
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