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Wooo - 17 minutes in and Pep's reverted to a 4-4-2 w/ the midfield diamond. SO FLUID
A lot of people reciprocating into practice in NY from taking the bar out of state. Also little to no focus on local law in the test itself.
Bayern playing risky ball, but they're so fluid - everyone popping up in everyone else's position.
NY adopted the UBE this morning.
Baring the Livorno cut, apparently, they're mostly the same products with only a bit of sizing variation. The last order I placed had one suit coming from US distribution, and one coming straight from the Netherlands.This sounds fantastic.
I agree - the scope of the Jedi in the prequels made them too integral a part of the republic to really have me buy that + the sheer numbers apparently involved in the clone wars.
Indiana Jones making progress towards 5th film?
Will Ewan McGreggor now be appearing via Force Ghost to Luke in the new trilogy? The whole bit about him fading from Luke's perception from Thawn is now gone.
No way Revenge of the Sith was worse than Attack of the Clones.
I assume you're referring to both Smith peyote case and the Heller and McDonald guns cases with this bit?
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