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At the rate everyone's going w/ Artisan collars, wouldn't be surprised to see them become the go-to collar for non-button down standardized offerings.
Yes, I'm sure that's verbatim.
Thanks for both of those size recs. I take a 42R/L in SuSu, at about 6'1 and 200lbs - good to know I'll need to suck up size pride and got with the XL/XXL.
Oftentimes yes - if not by a client / jury, then by your peers.It swings both ways, particularly in trial settings - Defense attorneys don't want to look overly put together because it alienates them from appealing to (common folk) juries. Plaintiff's lawyers oftentimes don't want to look exceptionally put together because then it distracts from their message on behalf of their client - who is frequently asking for money in one way or another. You're not inclined to give a...
My caramel belt is very buttery - lighter in color than that photo describes. As the old adage goes - "when in doubt get both."
The blood of Cecil and Harambe cry from the ground for vengeance.
Hala EDIT: How you doing' Arsenal? :wink:
Outtathebox shoe comfort snobs, Walts to Rudys, increasing jacket size; We're growing old together, @tricky
1) buy them quick2) no
José to ManU official. Let the circus begin.
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