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Played a CS '65 Strat today. Didn't love the feel, but dem pups. Wow. I want a jade pearl metallic body, classic player 60s neck, and the pups from that '65. Is that too much to ask?
Your jacket is cut really well, Rob
No darts, slightly smaller collar, about a size smaller generally, and I believe different stitching. Usually more casual fabrics.
Yes you would
The Road Worn series are nitro finished.
I had only known them as such
How do we collectively feel about the "Road Worn 60's" Strat? Sold my USDeluxe and want to put the proceeds into a less expensive but just as serviceable guitar.
IV - V - vi. Never gets old
ESPN running a headline about Walcott's return fr injury being a "turbo-charged boost" for Arsenal. Laughable. Walcott will run fast for maybe 2 months before injuring himself again.
Florsheim Imperials, scored from the bay. Better fitting last than any Barrie I've ever tried.
New Posts  All Forums: