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FWIW, I'm very stiff and unnatural by nature, so...
Got the grey open fresco in earlier this week. Will take decent photos once home this evening.Worn open, perfectly fine. When buttoned up, it's on me pretty good, especially up under my arms. The lower body flows nicely - no tugs or pulls anywhere. Having the arm opening feel so narrow is what I think is giving me pause. I think it's narrower across the back than my same-size single breasted coats - I tried to throw it on around my back the same way I normally put on a...
Had a surprise today as EFF suit 2/2 arrived w/o shipping notification today. First time ever trying a DB suit; putting it on immediately felt more snug and "locked in" around my chest than prior experience w/ EP single-breasted stuff, so that was a change. Shoulders also felt a bit smaller. However, I defer to the educated thread; does anything need doing on this jacket? Feel like the body could come out a bit. Is that just me being self conscious?
With the bengal stripe artisan collar, nonetheless.
Whatever it is, they obviously missed the big H.
No, only Porto fit on the new RTW suiting.
http://time.com/4394478/iron-man-riri-williams-tony-stark/ Thor, now Iron Man.
First of two EFF Suits arrived yesterday - grey fresco w/ MOP buttons. So light, and the fit right out of the box is spot on.
Feel the same way about Ramsey.
This could be a very geographically based thing, but rant to follow: So we're spending the evening at a rather tony local golf course, and I cannot believe the dress out here. Is the new "well off" to look like slovenly lower middle class? I'm confident I'm surrounded by millionaires to a certain degree, but all these men around are wearing Nike athletic t- shirts, plaid board shorts from Hurley or whatever, and flip flops. All the women are "hoe-status glam" up...
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