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I'd been looking at the moleskin field jacket, but khaki duck would be fantastic out here
Even I have to call the UCL draw out; Madrid just happen to draw Wolfsburg.
Wonderful. Constitutional government at work.
EFF Suit got opened at lunch. Pearl Gray flannel, 3-roll-2, natural shoulder, single vent, 3 patch pocket config. Hand on the fabric is phenomenal, and lighter weight than I expected. Grey stripe lining. The client tag on the other side is an excellent touch as well. Smoke MOP buttons w/ functional cuffs. Surprised how iridescent the buttons actually are - great character. Went +.5 inches in sleeve and an extra 1.5 in the body, and massively pleased with it. Will...
There we go. Was getting anxious.
Garland's been a judicial option for Carter, Clinton, and now Obama. Not much "moderate" about him, it would seem.
It's been, what - 35 years since Raiders? And about 40 by the time this releases... RotLA was set in 1936. You have an aged archaeology professor in the midst of flower power at home and Vietnam abroad. Shia LeBeouf is off fighting in a war. Commies be sneaking around somewhere interesting. Dr. Jones goes into Red China?
Robben is out (surprise, Mr. Glass!). It's a wonderfully positioned match.
That makes enough sense. I know the initial hyperventilation was all an act.
FWIW, he seemed much more sprite and lively in TFA than in Kingdom of the Crystal Skull some ten years before. Who knows?
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