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Wasn't trolling, just offering a counterpoint to what I had read the post above. No animus behind it.
I disagree. For trousers, those are far too tight and far too short.
My friend swears by his POG2
My D-21 will forever be a mainstay for that same reason you mention the D18. Wonderfully rich tone.
Strootman will pan out to be a complete flop. Too many injuries to live up to early hype. You read it here first.
I'm beginning to believe this accusation is bunk. We just have normal sized thighs, while others are too skinny.
So basically, like the Smallville super-hearing effect.^^
Picked up my Strat for the first time in a few weeks today, and the action felt high. Eyeballed it and saw that the neck is looking a bit convex for my taste. How frequently do strat-owners find themselves having to adjust the neck - be it by resetting the relief, action, or truss rod directly - based on the changing of the seasons?
Spider-Gwen? Seriously?
... and with that, Liverpool and Tot'num out of Euro competition as well. EPL - strongest league in the world?
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