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Chile / MX been very entertaining thus far. 2-2 at half.
Ed Sheeran does this very effectively.
Don't understand the hatred for perfect fifths. Love me some ambiguous fifths.
You're part of the problem
Imagine that - Blatter may not be stepping down after all. http://www.espnfc.com/fifa-world-cup/story/2491089/sepp-blatter-reconsidering-his-fifa-resignation-report
Honestly, despite being a tad too hip, I really liked Garfield as Spidey.
It's still SpiderMAN, no?
Huge win by Bale... er... WALES over Belgium today.
Thanks all for the opinions and feedback. I appreciate the help.
EP friends; I request your popular opinion. Was recently informed that the Burgundy Dress Belt won't be restocked until the fall in the size I need. Is the available equivalent, the EP Casual Color #8/Burgundy in Horween CXL, too unsuited for wear with trousers and suits in an office environment? Dress vs Casual The width difference doesn't look like it will be large enough to prevent me from wearing it with my various pants. Just wondering about look / adequacy /...
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