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Recs on a delay w/ tap tempo? Have an Aquapuss and DD6 in tandem right now, and would like to consolidate into 1 pedal if possible.
Disagree, I have plenty of Jcrew shirts that align closer than that.I wouldn't say it's horrible, but definitely not instantly dismissible either.
What?!? The professor is [[SPOILER]]
Still remember first time seeing that.
I would like to get into building, but at this point have only assembled from components. No sawblades required.
1 - nil, ManU right now.
Was very into DBZ when a child. Where is this supposed to fit into the "timeline" of the show? I see a grown Gohan there, but Goku's still alive?
Don't do the 33. Same size as you, had to sell.
Nah. Ronaldo takes it. Too good a year, with Messi too under performing. No keeper has won it since Yashin.
Haven't logged in today, but we all know odds are he hates it.My brief (mobile) thoughts.1) what do you mean it's not the same aesthetic? There's modern directing techniques (ie Stormtroopers in a strobed-Dday), but every piece in that movie looks like a direct extension of the OT. Dem X-wings over the water... 2) lightsaber noise is different, and the energy portion looks more "pulsating" and "electrical" than PT or OT. Don't mind the visuals at all, but the sound-change...
New Posts  All Forums: