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Mine prefers Risk. Winner right there.
QFT, as much as I'd like to not admit it... This is brilliant.
Blast. Oh well. Only through the Japanese site, or the US one?
Where are you all buying these grabbags? Can't find anything on the website, and would like to get in on this.
Fuera Benitez. The merry-go-round continues, and now we'll be firing Zidane in 6 months time.
EFF shirts arrived today - were mailed via UPS (UPS tracking provided), but delivered by USPS after the UPS said they were signed for...? Anyone have this before? I mean, they arrived, and that's fine, but thought the process was weird. Also, shirts look and fit great, pics to come.
Blue Owl Workshop - former SF affiliate - just started stocking PBJ. Give their site a look, and if it's not up yet, then call their B&M store. They will hook you up; great customer service, and cant recommend them more highly.
Did Steve pick up on that and "pretend" he couldn't move it? I thought he just couldn't totally lift it up.
Star Wars bed sheets would effectively provide a way to jakkuke on Rey's face... just sayin., @grundletaint
That looks good, Frank
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