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Long time, no see Cap'n.
Darken isn't the right word - it made it more rich, but I had a very brown-undertoned cigar to start (as opposed to the olive-heavy colors on some makeups).
To be safe, I've just always tended towards the neutral stuff. I have used dark brown on Alden Cigar though.
I've followed Dan Brown in twitter, and had followed the production of Inferno. Was very pleased with both of those previous movies - and that Ron Howard is back suggests it'll be a good one again.
I thought Ant-Man was refreshingly good. Enjoyed its light tone.
Star-incest? How many degrees of lineage away does it have to be to make it ok? Do those laws vary by planet? Is kissing your cousin on Tatooine alright while banned on Coruscant?
Cultural hall?
Bonus points at airport battle for Spider-Man's [[SPOILER]] Took the whole movie to another level.
I suspect this has been asked elsewhere, but is that the same navy hopsack available in the MTO jackets - i.e. stock pant purchase could result in a suit later?
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