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All of the above.
Huge fan of EP's knit ties. Purple today. With some collar roll porn.
Kamakura collar roll porn.
They're the same thing.
1) No - 700s are roomier than what you're seeking.2) Not a lot equals less than .5 inches in any direction at any time.
Dumb. Isn't the point of preseason to get BACK into shape?
For sure - every single generalization I made has its holes. Swansea in EPL are about as Spanish you can get in their style - no long balls involved. But you'll normally see more of those stereotypes manifest in the UCL, where it becomes "English Team Huffing and Puffing" vs. "Italian Team's staunch defense."
Some teams have traditional "theories" of play, but that also does have a lot to do with certain managers. Ex. Arsene Wegner at Arsenal play "slick, passing football" - this identity is likely wrapped up in the fact that Wegner has been there for so long, though. Mourinho plays defensive, counterattacking football wherever he goes. Inter, Madrid, and Chelsea all did/do this under him. Guardiola at Barça and Bayern is the prime example of "possession football." Going a...
I've never understood tone knobs on amps - precisely because I don't know what they do. And then there's the individual amps themselves - apparently my Blues Jr. is rather mid-scooped generally, so to get a "flat eq" you'd have to dramatically raise the mid-knob above your bass and treble settings. I've almost always just turned all the knobs up and gone to town. But I think that's just because I started playing as a teenager with little care.
BeIN broadcasts La Liga and Serie A. ESPN may have a CL game, NBC will run EPL. Not much even in the most basic of cable packages.
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