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Managed to grab a pair of Top3s this morning. Much more excited for these than the JordanIIIs from last week.
Last brown Thedi staring me straight in the face
Yes, thought they were cool enough to risk with the possibility of flipping for profit, but if they're not selling out now, take them back and wait for them to inevitably hit the sale section.
Disappointed the JordanIIIs didn't sell out on sneakers. Guess I'll be returning it too.
Anticipating the all out lows
I just got a notification from NIke+ that I have until 5pm today to purchase the III OG retro. Do I do it, @RFX45? Jordan III early access to select Nike+ users.
Have a few pairs I got, and have washed. No peeling to speak of. Love the weight of the fabric.
Ummm yes? Not rocket science here.
Wear them and keep washing them hot. It just takes time and agitation unless it's done chemically by the manufacturer at the start. Throwing them in a dryer will do it too
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