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I'm sorry, but David Luiz and Iniesta ruined it for me. Have any of the voters watched either of them play since May or so? Hell, at least Xavi didn't make the XI again
RFX, let's be honest; no Bats + no Supes = No JL.
I'm not necessarily opposed to this, even despite my distaste for "two-part" standalone movies. Usually all marketing hubub to maximize profits. But then why stick with the Batman v Superman moniker? Just start titling them "Justice League: xxxxxxxxxx"
You're right - must've been player presentations to the public. They're hitting twitter at about the same time
Inter sign Shaqiri and Podolski both on the same day. That attack suddenly looks hypothetically formidable.
I just... I can't... what?
FWIW, while slower, he hasn't looked bad throughout the first half. Been cagey - good game.
first of the January derbis - Real v. Atletico. Torres named to startingXI.
Already dispelled earlier in thread, jrd. We're normally on the same page, so not getting the hate.
They're already gunning a FantasticFour sequel without having the first close to release? Pathetic
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