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Under the dumpster. Please. Cause if not Neagan is going to kill Daryl
I would advise against SuSu in any form. See recent SuitSupply posts for rationale.
I agree. When I took the suits back to SuSu yesterday evening, the SA gave me1) the line about how the suits shouldn't be used in "excessive physical activity." Duh. I'm sitting at an office desk, not running sprints.2) how the only fabric he'd "heard" of pilling and shredding was the wool-cashmere blends, of which my Havana was one - as if this was justification for it disintegrating after 3 wears.Despite whatever good-faith effort SuSu will make at repairing the pants,...
FWIW, took the suits to my local SuSu tonight. The SA took them straight to their tailor who said she'd do her best to fix the pants as they are, for free, probably with an interfacing or something of the sort. We'll see what happens.
I love the Clag toilet seat shots.Yes, they're all great - and the sticker shock has worn off.
Thanks to Clag for pointing me in the direction of Exquisite Trimmings.
All three of mine are named mills. Will double check the tags tonight. FWIW, the jackets don't demonstrate any similar wear
The one with the most wear that I have pictured, the first Havana, is a wool cashmere blend as well.I showed this to my wife, who completely went off and said I should return all three of them to suit supply. As a fresh grad $1500 for suits for my work wardrobe is quite an investment. No reason that this should be happening at all. And I don't care what their return policy is.Edit: I went back and compared the crotch of these trousers to a few other suits that iVe had...
Nope - not at all. Went back and added images. Purposefully went with the larger of sizes at purchase to avoid this.
That is, indeed, pretty GD awesome
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