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I don't think this advice is difficult to understand. Mauro can wear a M or L, but for comfort's sake he chose an L in these new tees. If you want a slim fit, get normal size; if you want a bit more room, size up 1.
This is a fantastic reply - thank you.
Forgive the question as I suspect it's been answered somewhere back in the thread, but I just read in the now-defunct Carmina/EP MTO thread that EP won't be regularly stocking Carmina any longer.. I know the shell options were going out the window just due to supply, but why distancing yourself from the brand, Mike?
Summer is hard like that. F/W always produces more interesting options.
Agreed. Will definitely look at a Blue Line Napoli in the next few weeks for a workhorse.I just went through a dance with Havanas between 42 and 42L. I'd say the length difference in the body was 1.5 inches max. The sleeve was noticeably longer on the L as opposed to the R. While I liked the length of the body in the jacket, I unfortuneately had to return the suit because the pants were too slim in the butt and thighs. Went with a 42R for the extra inch in the pants...
The proposed price point of the EPLA sportscoat has really got me excited now.
Some good and some bad in that. Interested how it'll play out. It does look lighthearted and more fun than Nolanverse. However, complete fail if Cavill never has any cameo whatsoever, and they spend an entire season referring to Clark as "your cousin"
Drat. Really thought Madrid could pull that off.
I know most of the hype has died down, but on episode 11/13 in Daredevil and this show is amazing.
More and more evidence that Bayern is not as good as they think they are. 1-horse race league w/ no competition, then get in cup situations and we see what's up. Madrid drubbing last year, Barça putting them to the sword now. Dortmund in the cup.
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