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I loved Jurrassic Park, but I honestly don't get this movie.
Hey now. She could've been adopted.
Also, JRMouse, I'd suggest renaming the title of the thread to something about Official StarWars Franchise Discussion Thread.
Anyone see the teaser for Rogue One? I'm hoping it continues in the vein and atmosphere of JJ's sequals. I understand the rise of the Empire is not a happy time, but it's making Star Wars feel like Saving Private Ryan with the military chatter, and it blacking out at the end. Not to mention there's no way the Death Star should be that big on a planet's horizon.
I understand legally why Fox still has this franchise, but it would work SOOOO much better in MCU.
When my daughter was 3, she went on a kick where The Motion Picture was her favorite movie for almost 6 months. Watched it so much.The soundtrack is really good though.
Yes, the Thrawn trilogy was the best of much of the EU, and traditionally thought of as the closest thing to Lucas-approved stories before the EU exploded and just became a free for all. One of my favorite dark horse stories was Dark Empire. Do look that one up.
I'd enjoyed EP for Mike's web presence here on SF, but I really began to appreciate the brand more after meeting him in person during the pop up period in California. His passion for what he's doing comes through so strong.
Yeah, that grows on me more and more
I like it
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