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The "elevated" denim shirt sounds cool.
And that superman looks like a twerp. Just put in Cavill already. Even an aged Welling looks better.
YASSSSShifting over for the new season.http://www.styleforum.net/t/527430/the-official-2016-2017-football-soccer-f-tbol-futebol-voetbal-fu-ball-thread/0_20
What is your price range?
This movie used a Beastie Boys song in its main trailer. Were you really looking for something flushed out or deep?
Right, I know the Kelvin got spanked by the future-Romulan ship. Wasn't it destoryed in Khan II by the black, super-Enterprise?
I feel like the Enterprise has been destroyed in all three of the Abram-verse movies. Kind of losing its significance.
Not sure, actually. Scored from @Betelgeuse on the B/S. He would know.I understand Bengal Stripes are not for everyone.Yes, MTM, but not for me originally. If I can summon up the courage to ask my wife to photograph me, I may try a full body shot.
Life in the Fast Lane - Eagles
New Posts  All Forums: