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Honestly, I still don't completely understand why Joel Campbell is frozen out - especially compared to Ox. Campbell's WC was great, and he always seems to have that spark when I see him play. Admittedly don't follow Arsenal as closely as others in here.
Shhhhh shhhhhh... it's what Suit Supply has suckered the mass market into believing looks cool.
Lookin' sweet. Have always loved a good banker collar shirt.
We all know what happened when Michael Scott left The Office.
Oh well. more to focus on the league, right?
I believe Reedus' contract is up at the end of this season (?)
How long into the Apocalypse is this supposed to be? How old is Judith here? Kind of agree w/ lefty - how long have the walls been up and they've yet to face any threat? Really? No maurading raiders until the Wolves all show up on Rick's tail? Seems like Rick is the one bringing real destruction and horror to these people.
How was the Supergirl premier last night? Didn't catch it.
Ew. Nothing about that is appealing at all. Wasn't planning on seeing it, and it has been affirmed.
Exactly - it's one thing to have large thighs and rub every pair you wear. However, as in my own personal example, when only the SuSu stuff is disintegrating before your very eyes, while "lesser quality" suits are demonstrating no wear at all in the same area at 5+ years of constant wear, then there can be only one reason for the problem - and that's with SuSus fabrics.
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