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Email sent re: suiting
I'm not the biggest tele fan either, but your guitar is pretty, piob.
This just barely came to me minutes before you posted.
John Mayer and Fender publicly split ways. He's no longer a "Fender Artist" and his sigStrat won't be produced. Shame. Maybe I could flip mine in a few years for profit.
I get that hulk goes berserk. Why is he then tamable enough to work conveniently with the Avengers in the first flim? Why isn't he just a menace generally, instead of affiliated with Earth's Mightiest Heroes?
Sorry, having been out of comics for a while, always assumed Hulk was a good guy - ie no need for a duel with Iron Man.
Forgive me, but what is the point of Hulkbusting?
Ronaldo's 15 goals in 8 games say they will
I'm sorry Romafan. That was brutal.
The DYEL jean cometh.
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