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425 is far too much. My personal Jean limit after years of this crap is probably $150. Sounds like your Levi's are doing the durability job. Why are you looking to move on from that? To be honest, check out the Epaulet offerings - they just released a limited run of heavyweight denim 18oz and that should last forever.
These people are those that don't understand that washing your denim is a good, healthy thing. When you get raw denim (or even non-raw denim) new, it's full of starches fresh from the factory. That starch sits in the fabric and wears it down - why raw jeans tend to fade very dramatically. The effect is amplified by all the grime and nastiness that accompanies a sweaty crotch for hours and days at a time.If these substances aren't washed out though, they don't just fade the...
Loki has been the best reason to watch the Thor movies
N&F is moreso known for their fabrics and unique makeups. Durability is not their strongest suit. Japanese biker/repro brands like Iron Heart will be your best bet
Wis will forever be winning with that camo jacket.
In light of having sold my USDeluxe on CL (for profit nonetheless), just pulled the trigger on a partscaster from ebay with basically everything I'd wanted from various pieces. Photos when she arrives. Black, light relic, nitro body (from MJT); akin to the road worn look I'd been wanting Fender Hot Noiseless pups - worth a shot; even if I don't like, will flip and throw in some DAllens or whatever Fender classic player 60s neck; klusons, rosewood, 12" radius, etc. And...
Sounds like Channing Tatum as Gambit was just confirmed for a solo movie.
Jean waists do not alter as effectively as trousers.
Anyone with FIFA15; play a game today and you get custom dialogue from Martin Tyler in-game about Halloween. Cool, realistic touch
Played a CS '65 Strat today. Didn't love the feel, but dem pups. Wow. I want a jade pearl metallic body, classic player 60s neck, and the pups from that '65. Is that too much to ask?
New Posts  All Forums: