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I will no doubt see it, despite having no desire to do so. Glad it's not a rotten 100%-er on Rotten Tomatoes.
Care to share the retailers name?
I am loving this; but understand the same gist can be gotten by a reverb pedal in addition to the delay I already have. But lets be realistic; if I just used delay I already have, I wouldn't need to buy this too.
Nope, sorry - just conflated figures from another conversation w/o thinking.
I'm not the one w/ the $3k Drive pedal.
Then that gets into the modern conflation of "distortion" and "overdrive" pedals. In an ideal world, distortion clips and overdrive pushes. But that has been very closely intertwined.Therefore, when I say "overdrive" that's what I mean.
I think Jimmy Page was the official first "duck face." Imagine instagram in 1971.Answered a bit, but the pickups. The body is remarkably different too in feel just because of the lack of body cuts. Even on similar-year guitars, strats are easier to coax while Teles will fight a bit more. Tele necks too, more frequently it seems, are a smaller radius than equivalent Fenders - especially in the last few years with the current obsession w/ 12" compound radius on the...
You're just discriminatory against long hair. I know you.
I have worn alice bands before while playing. Very effective.
Whoops - only saw the old thread. Definitely in.
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