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Well, then it seems you don't have a lot to lose with it. Especially if you're jiving on it.
Sorry, videos do not exist.
I love BO, but don't agree at all. TTS in Momo is always the safest bet. Raw or not.
QFT. Mistral always brings it.
Missed the contest w/ a broken camera, but nevertheless - Lavender OD in AD (subsequently darted to fit closer to my BDs). Shoes are snuff suede (not black, despite the camera not getting the color there)
It looks beautiful, Foo. But coming from a playing perspective, I'd be hard pressed to cough up for a guitar I'd never personally touched. Take that for what you will. It will probably limit my purchasing possibilities, but if I don't personally "jive" w/ a guitar then I really don't want to buy it.
What's Reaper? Must have missed that earlier.
Currently 2-day split, 2x week.Day 1:Squat,Bench,Pendlay,C+Js (mainly for fun - just learning)Face pullsBicep accessoryDay 2:DLOHPIncline bench,Seated row,Tricep accessory,randomCompound lifts = warmup and 5x5 workingOthers = warmup and 4x6 - 4x10 depending how I feel.-All my lifts are most definitely up from when I started lurking here, and really only seriously got into DL and Squats and shooting for strength about a year ago. Close to 1,000lb total.
I'm sure both of you will love them. My NatCXL LWBs, as I've expressed to MrClemson, are my favorite SF-approved shoes since I entered this sad, sad game.Shame to hear that. I've never experienced any "wrinkling" per se besides the obvious creasing that accompanies wear. TBH, I've treed and brushed and the occasional reno/lexol treatment and the things look spectacular.I also concur on the second point - easily my most complimented pair of Aldens.
New Posts  All Forums: