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Those are the current superflys. Veloce don't have the ankle sock.
Vapes are always too narrow for me. Prefer Tiempos (or anything leather, actually) by far.
Mocha is the sleeper of the bunch.
Keep on dabbin Cam
I can get behind that.
I liked DS9, generally. Voyager got tiring. Didn't even bother with Enterprise.
I've got no problem with how they want to cast it. It's when they tell me they're purposefully diversifying the cast to appeal to modern special interest groups that you've lost my interest.If the best lead for the role is a gay woman, perfect. Don't create your lead as a gay woman to satisfy social pressure.
Things just weren't the same at the Theatre of Epidaurus after the 1st Century BC. Lost my taste for creative casting then.
Just letting everyone know, in case you all wanted to know, about how diverse the cast will be. Complete with gay and alien sex. But what about gay alien sex? Discrimination.
Was definitely referring to Bayern in the UCL. No way Bayern loses the Bundesliga w/ Ancelotti in charge.
New Posts  All Forums: