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Freaking HOA and/or overly sensitive neighbor called cops on me this morning for playing because it could be heard from more than 70 feet away. God forbid people open their windows with this spring weather.
Delays go at the end.I really, really like my OCD. Have tried the Soul Food, and didn't live up to hype IMO. Timmy has massive online following, but I've never heard/demo'd one personally.
Says the guy sold on active pups.
This is unfortunate. I've been very entertained and impressed with their play thus far this season.
trying to go to ctshirts.com - anyone else getting a link that leads to nothing?
I've seen it at my local.
They had a plum-colored RC in rotation for a long while. If it's gone now, I'd bet Fall would be the soonest something comparable would appear.
Except for the blank, clueless look on her face the majority of the time
Wasn't trolling, just offering a counterpoint to what I had read the post above. No animus behind it.
I disagree. For trousers, those are far too tight and far too short.
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