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Does traditionally run any further discount off sale before Christmas?
Batman the animated series was pretty dang good.
Yes, personally don't see the jump from Rosita to Sasha as anything but retrograde.
All you cold weather people. I need to up my linen game in summer to compensate
You see, the vibration of the neck wood through the metal of the chains results in a unique transmission of specific resonance frequencies to the pup...
Delancey Highs for Casual Friday
I like those tall AF1s, but not in white. Tried to get the SNKRS drop in olive, but to no avail.
Subscribed. Thanks for the invite @LA Guy
Had just convinced myself of the Chelsea, and then this newsletter hits.
I recently went to gap and tried their stretch selvage and was very pleased with the fit. Can't speak really to the quality of the fabric, but I've had gap jeans that have lasted 5+ years before. Like CanadaCal, I'm not totally sold on "knit" denim based on the description alone, but would love to see a stretch jean from EP.
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