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Perhaps an odd question, but in-line w/ SF-brand paranoia: Mike, was going through our coat closet yesterday evening and saw my Mulberry and Thorpe jackets hanging up. I longed for cooler days where I could throw them on and trot around town. Then I went back to conditioning my shoes. It hit me - should l be looking to condition my EP leather jackets via Lexol or whatever the same way we're all hypersensitive about our shoes?
Speaking of things on the way - has anyone started having their recent EFF suits/jackets trickle in?
Will incorporate. I live about 5 minutes away from a local high school track.
Personally, I follow Luxeswap's ebay shop. Always has suspenders there every week. Not my thing, but as an intro, wouldn't mind picking up a pair on the cheap.
Personally I was glad to see the "golden generation" get picked off by a "workman's Italy" side. I have no idea why Belgium is so hyped. They may have a lot of name recognition, but none of them have won anything of note. Hazard has a PL title, but that was effectively undone by his stinker of a season last year. DeBruyne with the massive price tag, but no consistent production. Vertonghen and Alderweild at the heart of a Tottenham defense that fizzled out in their title...
This event may be pressing me to spring for Taylors.
Man, the Crew isn't even being subtle anymore about ripping off Mike&Co.
What a way to rap that up with Payet (who else) hitting in from outside the box at 89 minutes.
That with their general cultural preference for blue laws make UT quite quaint, IMO.
I can't remember the exact name of the stompbox, but the one put out by Wampler was really, really good to my ear.
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