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Nike just released a Ronaldinho tribute boot that looks gorgeous. I still remember this:
Good question. Mid-life crisis-ers who jam in their blues band on weekends thinking they're the next JB
Avengers will be a good red box night. Never did see that
hahahahahahaha. At least it only took 2 years to figure out.
Now awaiting the inevitable KyloRen porno.
Did anyone who got a long size have that noted on the tag? My size tag on the inside neck just reads 42, I believe.
Does your premise assume Navas can't do the job? Best keeper in La Liga the year before last, singlehandedly carried Costa Rica into the last-8(?) at WC2014.And as Madrid's exec, I have to know that the roster as it stands alone will end in a CL spot. If they win the league, great, if not Barca is rolling and that's semi-expected. Further, you know Madrid will run deep into CL because of their personel.Yes, I risk it. If we win, fabulous. If we don't, there's lots of...
When he's $0 next year, no.But maybe that's why I'm not a football exec.
Navas has 2 clean sheets in 2 games, stopping a PK last match. I'm more than pleased it didn't go through. Why on earth pay 29mil + lose Navas for De Gea when the man is on a bloody free next summer?
Is it a Jag? Looked like it had too many push switches... As you can tell, I don't pay much attention to Jags, Stangs, or Jazzmasters. I just know they're not strats and not teles.
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