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Yoda tells Luke something to the effect of "no more training do you require" when ROTJ Luke returns to Dagobah after blowing up the skiff on Tatooine. Is his training really complete, thus re-confirming Yoda's line in ESB about Luke only being powerful enough to take on Vader and the Emperor? That would imply that Luke's not as much as a loose cannon in the DSII duel as you seem to suggest. Or is Yoda paying him lip service, and essentially giving up on Luke formally...
Danny Welbeck, fresh off a 10-month injury layoff, out for another 9 months with an injury to the other knee after about 1 appearance. It's the kind of thing you absolutely pity in real life. As an armchair footballer, you can't help but laugh; Arsene sure knows how to keep his players in decent shape (here's looking at you, Wilshire)
SF looks out for each other.
I think Ataturk's argument stands. ESB Luke = needs to complete his training. Pwnd by Vader, fully trained opponent. TFA Kylo = needs to complete his training. Pwned by Rey, non-trained opponent (?) I'll dispute just how much Luke is dominated by Vader/Emperor on skill level in ROTJ though. While he does likely tap into the Dark Side during the Vader beatdown, I'm left wondering if he throws away the saber towards the Emperor instead in an appeal to his father's...
Just goes to show how everyone's sizing is unique b/c of body shape and proportion. I am a 42R-L in most brands; in SuSu I'll take a 42R-L depending on the jacket in particular. In EP I can take down to a 41 and still be fit in the shoulders. I'm sure I have 40L jackets somewhere too that fit great.
Received the Cardiff today. The makeup is wonderful, and the Plaza really provides great shape to the boot. The depth of color and richness of the chromexcel can't be highlighted enough; mine personally has a nice amount of red undertone that takes it out of that matte-brown palate. Detailing is great, and while not a brass guy at heart, I love the contrast of the eyelets. Low-profile commando is great for out in the wild, but the overall shape of the boot would still work...
ManU has just so hard this season. Can't even believe it.
This Southwick EFF pleases me. Was just playing around last night on the EP site with a Navy Fresco DB suit and feeling the trigger finger get itchy. EDIT: Would always be nice to see available fall fabrics. Buying in advance would be a good move.
Long time, no see Cap'n.
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