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I couldn't refuse the Forest. Hopefully will be able to wear it before November...
Gotta love that Dark Knight Returns imagery.
Bats looking immensely immobile with all dem muscles. Like an ascended super saiyan against Cell. Gotta get to dat next level of leanness.
No. How is that even possible?
FWIW, I'm a 42 across the board. Except for a 40 York.
None. Look at another brand.(Or, the Napoli fit)
Was really disappointed by HG:MJ2 trailer, after being pleasantly surprised by the last two movies, and in particular the political subtexts (having no interest in reading the books).
Anyone else witness the absolute shitfest of refereeing in Panama/Mexico? Two non-penalties mean MX paid enough CONCACAF personnel to reach another final. Panama should've walked off the field after the non-handball at 85 minutes.
Was taking a hard look at that. Went back and forth for a few hours then gave in. Thanks, Don.
New Posts  All Forums: