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For Sale: Two denims at various stages of life. CONUS shipping included in price. Buyer covers associated Paypal fees. Overseas shipping covered by international buyers. BiG-style measurements included below. Pure Blue Japan xx009 - $65.00 Waist: 17.25 Inseam: 35 Leg Opening: 8.5 Thigh: 12.85 Momotaro x Japan Blue 400 SP - $45.00 Waist: 18 Inseam: 32.5 Leg Opening: 7.5 Thigh: 12.5
Unlimited pack is pretty loud, but some of them are awesome. Here's looking at you All Out Zoom.
So basically your standard DCU movie.
The EP Lazio l/s polo in Speckled Cotton Tweed Pique from a few years ago.
I misread your question; I have not attempted an alteration on the new rivets - my (poorly worded) statement was that I used to always have to do the alterations thing. I haven't tried it with the new construction.
This is how I've always had to do it. Size up and nip the waist. FWIW, it used to be easier with the split-waistband construction.
It is the blue Somelos
Avoid these guys? The leather heel looks great.
Was planning on getting the grey ones on nike.com this week. Seem to be easiest to pair into stuff.The whites though for $129 are awfully tempting.
Was looking for a new running shoe and compared the Air Zoom All Out to the Lunarlon Epic Flyknit. Preferred the lower ankle collar of the All Out, but the heel felt more secure in the Epics. Going to end up w/ the Epics. Also picking up the Free Mercurial Superflys as opposed to the Zoom Mercurial. Really wanting the USA olympic tech fleece jacket too.
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