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Never saw none photos. Who would fall for that?
Nice to meet you too.Word on the street is Kaep's converted from his Christian roots for his girlfriend.EDIT: I just tried to search my own post history to find this implication you lay out. You must have a lot of time on your hands, brah.
I washed my FK Lunar 1s in the washing machine on delicate and everything seemed fine. I did use them for running as opposed to just show, though.
So, is Kaep Muslim?
Got the Unlimited Pegasus 33s w/ that 20% off tonight. Plus saw that the Team USA tech fleece hoodie had dropped by $80 - going to go do a return/repurchase in the morning to get some cash back. Edit: got the Aeroswift drill top too in Rio Teal / Obsidian
Today was not "fantasy-good" even though my clubs won.
My medium gray fresco suit from that run is my epitome of "summer suit." Absolutely love it.
Maybe just a tad high in price, but looks clean
Yeah, that striped one will be purchased for sure.
Hahahaha for real
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