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Daphne Blue w/ mint green pickguard.
... This is what I get for only reading the last post and not getting context.
Found some beautiful guys at GC today: 1960 CS Relic Strat in Daphne Blue. This guy has some mojo. Sounded as good unplugged as plugged (to cite the recent mantra) And this 1959 LP Reissue (2014 Iced Tea Burst) caught my attention b/c of Foo.
Mdubs speaks the truth. Reno is NOT a true conditioner. Get yourself some lexol, venetian, or something.
Good to hear this one didn't fall flat. Cap would wear flyknits - I will look for them.
Benteke tore his achilles, out for 6 months at least, and missing the WC. Last summer he was courted by elite teams after telling Villa he wanted to leave. This summer, he won't even be leading the Belgium front line. Chance for Lukaku to step up and seize the spotlight for Belgium. TBH, think it will work better for Belgium in the end. Benteke since coming back from his hip injury last year always looked heavier and just off.
Ah yes, these were raw and not o/w.
Well there you go. I can't compete against comparing measurements of pants. That's the ideal way to go.
Ah - didn't know it wasn't a local guy. Shipping costs return me to my initial point. Test play not worth $50+
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