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Do agree. It is not The Phantom Menace though. And anthony daniels says it'll match Empire for "sequel awesomeness"
You would, Gome.
I agree too that elite CBs seem to be a dying breed. Where are the Nestas of this generation? Silva has shown class, but hanging out in the French league? Hummels continues to have rep but is injured so frequently. Pique nowhere near what he used to show. Ramos always a question of liability, despite being more consistent than Pique. And no, Mertesacker and Arsenal's crew are not better tahn Kompany at all. I was very excited by Benatia for a few years, and then Bayern...
Guitar arriving via FedEx today. Just to confirm; coming from Seattle to Vegas. How long do I want to take to unpack this thing and let it "settle" before playing? What are the steps? Obviously don't want any neck issues to arise. Am I overthinking shipping a guitar?
I am a solid Aguero fan boy. Don't get me wrong. But in the various ArgNT schemes over the last 6 years at least, Higuain has been preferred up top. And before that Tevez. Aguero, for whatever reason, has never solidified himself as the point man in the ArgNT lineup. I am completely open to this changing, but just stating the fact. I do think he's world class skill-wise - I don't say otherwise in my analysis. I probably could have phrased it better. Kompany - my jury is...
I respect this discussion you're trying to jump start. EP lapels are generally on the slim side, but they also get proportionally bigger with sizes as they go up.That said, EP is on the slim side of "timeless," to use an obtruse, menswear buzzword. I don't think I would look at an EP jacket in 15-20 years and find it extraordinarily dated per se. Slim probably, but likely not dated the way some jackets from the late 70s-80s look to us now.I am a personal fan of larger...
Most of the players on ManCity are world beaters in the public's opinion but let's examine a bit. Aguero - despite some wonder goals and undeniable skill, a second fiddle striker in Argentina to Gonzalo Higuain or Carlos Tevez for most of his career thus far. Dzeko - imposing, but relatively dry in the goal scoring department. Jovetic - wunderkind who's had some great moments, but has never really latched onto his game enough to merit a starting place at a club larger...
Momotaro 702
ManCity embarrassing production for their budget. Messi equal's Raul's CL scoring record.
Yeah, if anything with wear and no product, I'd suspect they'd lighten.
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