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No, Mdubs just doesn't actually walk in his shoes. He has specific "for SF-photos only" shoes in his rotation.
I don't get what's happening in these DoFP clips. When was Rogue ever in the future section of the movie? Maybe only seeing it once is betraying me
Nope. No home-crowd favoritism w/ that red against Peru. Carry on. Nothing to see here.
Live War of the Pacific on right now. Already hot w/ Zambrano and Vidal (who's been completely discredited for me based on his CLFinal performance & this tourney).
Waa-waa - Brazil crashed out of the Copa America because 15/23 players were sick with a virus. Not the fact that they played crappy football and lost their only talented player through an ignorant, juvenile outburst. http://www.espnfc.com/brazil/story/2506677/brazil-squad-were-dealing-with-virus-before-loss-to-paraguay
11UK = 12US, so probably decent fit. Wouldn't want to try smaller on a blind buy
Those are absolutely gorgeous. If anyone, anywhere ever gets a lead on a 11UK, I would be much obliged.
Yeah those are way too tight.. When the side seam starts revealing non-indigo'd denim because it's being pulled so taught, it's time to move on.
Wow - those Samurais have gone really well. Props
Linen is actually a pretty resilient fabric. Obviously it will wrinkle easily, but it's meant to be casual and that's the point. If you're careful with a steamer or iron, you can press it yourself when it becomes unmanageable (although you have to be careful to not steam it into oblivion). With fused jackets it's a bigger deal because fusible can come apart from the interior of the jacket body. But with a half-canvassed jacket, as SuSu is, you're probably a little...
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