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Meh. I thought that Mace Windu survived his hand cut off and fall on Coruscant, but Sam Jackson wouldn't commit.
My comment was in jest, but kinda glad it got under veni's skin.
Nice diverse casting right there. Bad guy is white male.
Arrived to the office today, so needed to do a quick footwear change. feeling fresh af right now. Channeling some Tom Hanks from "Big"
JL sounds promising, but I hope it's not hammed up in a deliberate attempt to compensate for how pathetically dark BvS was. Much better for DC to just take a step back and correct course rather than swerving the wheel the complete opposite way.
Thanks for the heads up, had regretted missing out on my size in this run
I'm considering going all out; I'm packing a bag to get away for the weekend, and in a shocking discovery, realize I don't have any "vacation" casual shoes. I'm not packing chinos and bluchers - I'm packing shorts and... a pair of beat up Toms. In a fit of SF-rage, I go to EP and look at sneakers available in a US12. Guys, for real. Do I go with the Delancey High in Oxblood/Cognac, or the Full Court in Garnet? I'm going to wear these w/ shorts in the heat. There's no...
Those photos of the Natural horsehide shoes have me in a spin. If anyone is looking to offload a US 12, send deets my way. Also, All-EP day today: EP Blue OCBD (New England) EFF Japanese Aubergine Twill Rudys Tan English Bridle Leather belt EPxCarmina Alt Weins in Caramel Calf
All white leather. So fresh. So clean. So crispy.
I can't remember him hitting a FK for Madrid for about 3 years now. Buried them all the time w/ ManU and his first three years at RM.
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