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Having not been able to get in on the original sneaker pre-buy and therefore no skin in the game, major props to EP for setting things as right as they can. Respect +1
Les Paul or Strat message boards will usually have their own form of BS
Any idea what the 20% coupon is for the US?
The Klon Centaur has been determined to be, for as-of-yet-unknown-reasons, the greatest overdrive pedal in the history of music.
That navy briefcase is blowing my mind. Fantastic.
Original Klon popped up on my CL this morning. A bit shocked initially, but probably shouldn't be - we have a lot of professional musicians and collectors here. $3k. Will proxy.
$150 for a used Flashback x4...? What should I be looking at price wise to buy?
Too tight jeans are the reason the B/S exists. You're fine with the 36.
I love when people finally let it sink in that Balotelli is a complete flop. Not just "Oh, he's a youngster who needs the right environment," but a true flop that won't ever amount to anything in World Football. The dude can't be helped. His attitude or lack thereof is just too poisonous to success. I remember post after post after article after article on ESPN and all over the Internet saying Balo was going to just blow up the game. I laugh now. I was turned back on to...
New Posts  All Forums: