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My friend's younger brother and his cousins started a band almost ten years ago when they were all about 13. Yesterday night they opened for Imagine Dragons at the Hard Rock. Found out the guitarist and singer both recently signed with Gibson and multiple packages are headed their way...
That's unfortunate. I liked Garfield as both Peter and Spiderman.
I've only heard praise about the Strymons, but a bit out there on price.
Figured they'd blow the love triangle into a hero/villain backstory.One of the Reverse Flashes?I guess we all know now I'm not Flash-literate
That he didn't knock out the blonde cop too (don't know names) raised my suspicions too. 'twill be interesting.
Recs on a delay w/ tap tempo? Have an Aquapuss and DD6 in tandem right now, and would like to consolidate into 1 pedal if possible.
Disagree, I have plenty of Jcrew shirts that align closer than that.I wouldn't say it's horrible, but definitely not instantly dismissible either.
What?!? The professor is [[SPOILER]]
Still remember first time seeing that.
I would like to get into building, but at this point have only assembled from components. No sawblades required.
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