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Glad to see checks & balances, and the legislative process in general at work in this policy decision.
Maiden voyage for the Cardiff Express. (Yes, Gareth Bale reference)
The animus accesses "genetic memory" so it's not quite a virtual world; more like a distant flashback
I told myself only one suit, and got it yesterday. But my cart currently has an open grey fresco sitting in it as well. Good choice^^
Apparently the sequel isn't even going to hide that subject allegorically. Glad I'm not the only one who saw that.
Oh no, I did criticize it for that reason. I think that comment incited this threadjack "I rebel." Yeah, ok.
I think this is the assumption we're all supposed to make. Not latent abilities per se, just untapped for years.
That midnight navy fresco is exactly what I had in mind, as opposed to a black or charcoal. Just need to wait to see if one of the short-run fabrics can trump it.
Then I am a Jedi. - Nope, must confront Vader first.
New Posts  All Forums: