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First of all, Silk is way stronger and more resilient than this rep is giving credit. SuSu should stand behind their faulty production.
Saw that Hudson the day it dropped. Will kop
Love my JM Strat.
PRS + Mesa = some vintage Incubus. Go and rock that.
Know I haven't frequented the threat much recently, but my JGilbert Captoes on Commando finally made it out of the closet today. And yes, I know the laces are too long.
What is this from? Some official disney-ism?
You only have one transfer to blow... I know I already did it...
That's an Ends For Friends one-off made individually for a customer. Not sure if the fabric would still be available, or if the program is even still running.
Want to say $175 or so.
I've been looking at the rate of comments on things like the LVC thread, Momotaro, PBJ, etc. threads here on the forum. Almost no movement on any of them in 6 months or so. This compared to when I joined in the rawjawnz heydey of 2009/2010 when everyone and their mother was sitting in bathtubs, soaking denim, and then having to flip too-small pairs on the b/s.
New Posts  All Forums: