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The swirl around that hit proves again how pussyfoot the NFL has become.
All this Alden talk and development has inspired me to follow after my SF-spirit animal, @Don L and get on the #8 Alt Wein train.
Coooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu- sins. (Pick #2)
Wonder how her death may / may not affect the storytelling in VIII and IX.
Ebates @ 11% on, + 25% off w/ "LEGEND25"
They were also gone almost instantly. Plus restocked of KD Sauce, and LeBron soldier
EFF Blackwatch (w/ phantom tie) today for office & office party. You only get to pull this one out so often, but it's a great surprise each time.
Nope, still saving that for Poe in VIII.
Saw it this morning - thought it was extremely enjoyable, if a bit melancholy. [[SPOILER]]
FWIW, I amazon rented the extended director's cut version of BvS and thought it was far more enjoyable than the theatrical version.
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