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Stantons don't have anything special going for them in that regard. Their thigh measurement per size is just about the same as a Momotaro 701
Great scoreline... but still somehow doesn't make up for not getting a trophy with it.
Chicharito, from what I've witnessed, performs best as a 20-25 minute super sub. That's when he worked best for ManU. I figure, give Benz a run of 70 minutes, then throw on Chicharito when you need to go for the throat. I still don't like the move, but can see how it could work.
Paypal all day err' day
If Mike and Co. aren't careful, the Feds are soon going to start running ops against them for pushing one of the most potent gateway drugs on the market.Dat Rivet Chino. It soooooo goooooooooood.
Here's my take:This is a 20million euro 1-year loan deal. Only a loan. Plus, you know something's up when Monaco acquired him for 80million and in one year have cut their asking price for a purchase down to 52 or so. Something's up. Plus, you have him coming back from a massive injury and already nearing 30. ManU's owners have wanted marquee signings all summer, and Falcao fits the bill. On Madrid's side, they are having to deal w/ FFP too, so they couldn't go completely...
Prayers for you and your mother, Mauro.
DEADLINE DAY: Madrid; Chicharito? Really? I understand wanting someone to take the load of Benz, but you gave up HiguaĆ­n for THIS? (can you tell I'm not a Hernandez fan?) The blow goes deeper b/c he'll likely wear the now-vacant 14 left by Alonso. And he's just not that good. If he were, he would've gotten playing time at ManU. Plus, he's Mexican.
I find it interesting that Torres is still basically a "universally liked" player, despite a big money move to same-league rivals. Almost everyone I know in the know wishes he'd return to form and really don't hold any genuine "ill will" for him.
Pretty much any guy with protools can claim to operate a "studio". Be wary
New Posts  All Forums: