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Southwick can or cannot provide Rudy trousers?
I like it. supports my assumption that TFA is deliberately nostalgia-heavy to basically serve as a Listerine for the Prequel trilogy.
Yes, cedar. That's right. Cinnamon sticks sounds like it'd be great too, at least for the ambiance.
I've never heard of newspaper, but I have rosewood (?) blocks that I hang in my closet and place in my drawers to deal with critters.
Apparently it wasn't Coruscant, but some new made-up important place called Hostian Prime, or something to that effect. Again, not very clearly communicated.
Seriously. Who is the resistance resisting? Dumb name
Enjoying the banter between Very Lonely Luke and Emo Ren https://twitter.com/VeryLonelyLuke/status/685151581327736832 including this gem.
Eh - one game against an underperforming Depor. Give it time. Thank goodness he's shuffled Bale back out to the wing, and out of the no.10.
Pow. Right in the feels.
This is what I'm getting at.She's rather thin though. Also good for her DLing 225, assuming those aren't crossfit style fake plates. Very fit girl.
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