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The tinkerer side of me wants to build a partscaster. But I know any such endeavor is just a $blackhole. Should I just save up and go for an AVRI that fits my bill?
The last three were so bad, I daresay it'll be impossible for these to suck more.
Please... just let the 1990's remakes stop... http://insidemovies.ew.com/2014/08/13/mighty-morphin-power-rangers-reboot-to-go-go-in-2016/
Piob, I know you've mentioned Lifeson as an influence of yours: this guy's demos and lessons are pretty great.
Rewards membership is a fantastic deal on it's own for the pricing. Adding items into that will sway a lot of people.
None of these guys are right backs... what am I missing?
In the most American way possible: I really do like their kit for this coming season...
It's alright. Misery likes company.
Ahead of who? An aged Dani Alves? Matthieu Debuchy? A pack-it-up-and-payout Bacary Sagna? Baring Phillip Lahm (who isn't really even a dedicated RB anymore) and maybe Pablo Zabaleta, I submit there's no better.
Could Dani Carvajal be the best RB in football right now?
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