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Is this gonna jump to R because Batman violently beats the crap out of people, or because Superman is sexing up Lois in the bathtub? (based assumptions of the trailers - have not seen movie yet)
Want to go even further? Planned Parenthood was originally intended to breed black people out of existence. Go stick that in your pipe and smoke it.
For a start, it's apparently only "faith-based orgs" - whether that includes the Hobby Lobby's of the world, I'm not sure. Sounds more like churches to me based on reports, but I admittedly haven't looked close at the proposed legislation. The tried line is that the general intent is to prevent the forcing of faith-based groups (ie churches) to be governmentally coerced in to performing gay marriages if their dogma goes against it, etc.
I don't doubt it. It just leaves a bad taste in my mouth (no homo).
No, I don't disagree with that at all. I'm just put off by Disney publicly holding the carrot out in front of the state to influence policymaking.
Disney/Marvel threatening to pull all production from the State of Georgia if GA legislature signs the pending religious liberty bill into effect. Apparently, allowing faith-based groups to say who can and can't use faith-based group property is too discriminatory in this day and age. Y'know outdated principles like property rights and control. Just little things.
Disney and Marvel threatening Georgia to pull filming and production from the state if this current Religious Liberty bill is passed. Interesting Superhero/CE crossover here.
That's interesting.
This is awesome.
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