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Good lord that volleyed goal by James
And yet it will still likely make more money than the first one.
One of my friends uses that in his rig. Loves it beyond words.
That blazer looks amazing Mauro.
I would steer clear of brown. I realize it's dark and still fairly conservative, but I wouldn't trust that suit in biglaw. Would look elsewhere.
Never liked the snarks compared to a tuner pedal. W/ a pedal you can at least mute everything.
Was on the fence re: Suicide Squad. That photo completely shut it down for me. Will not watch.
Two Havana's arrived today. Fit almost right, but I'm afraid they're just too tight in the thighs/lower seat. The search continues.
That sad day that you realize you are far more aesthetic in your workout clothes than regular clothes.
Agreed. KOTR 1 and 2 on Xbox was amazing.
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