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I envy all you people in outerwear-appropriate weather. Still reaching 100s here.
This boot makeup is exciting
I saw the first half, but Sissoko had space and really ran at the Spanish defense.
Tonight, I had a Wampler Euphoria arrive from ebay. Sweet, fancy Moses. It is glorious. So sweet, and so freaking smooth. I have it basically serving as a lead-ish type of pedal; rhythm overdrive is provided by a medium-light OCD setting, and then the Euphoria blows it over the top. Cannot believe how wonderfully rich it sounds. The OCD is brittle in comparison.
Pinky is a weakness for me too.
Pogba looking like a boss against Spain. Griezmann too.
Stantons don't have anything special going for them in that regard. Their thigh measurement per size is just about the same as a Momotaro 701
Great scoreline... but still somehow doesn't make up for not getting a trophy with it.
Chicharito, from what I've witnessed, performs best as a 20-25 minute super sub. That's when he worked best for ManU. I figure, give Benz a run of 70 minutes, then throw on Chicharito when you need to go for the throat. I still don't like the move, but can see how it could work.
Paypal all day err' day
New Posts  All Forums: