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I have a friend who loves his twin, but can't ever play it for the exact same reason. Too loud before it starts to purr.
I'm hopeful that Creed turns out well.
Now that's what I like to see.
I'm glad you hit on Travis' truck. They're in the Salazaar's place for hours, with things going nuts outside, and there's not even a trace of damage to his truck when they get back out. Hilarious. Shotgun scene was awesome. Couldn't stand Travis' "You know how I feel about guns" bullsh*t when Daniel was showing Travis' kid how to load a freaking shotgun.
Blades has been good. Finally somebody with balls, even if naive. I like the junkie for telling it like it is, "they're dead." Whiny sister needs to go. Also no ones name is memorable except for Zombie-Susan (Asian neighbor) Better episode overall.
Rudys and EP Longwings
I started Aguero and Rooney up top this week, and transfered in Pedro.
As a heads up, full rivet buildout on mobile not showing up as I try to build some camo ripstops - only offers me the chance to put the fabric in my cart.
And Courtois out for 4 months. Everything falling against Chelski right now.
New Posts  All Forums: