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Both = QFT
When I found out about the fasting for Ramadan, heart went immediately out to Algerian NT. That's quite a feat. Shame to have them out.
Because of FIFA uni regulations. Each team has a light and dark kit (hence the superfluous color blocking over all kits), but if those are also too close in tone, FIFA will have one team change for the sake of TV contrast. Hence, France has a white kit and a navy one. Nigeria has two green kits in different shades. In FIFA's opinion, navy and either green are too close in tone to eachother to make for good TV contrast, therefore France must wear white.Similar reasoning...
Not all contact in the box is a foul. If so, every corner set play in history would be disallowed.
Not that I've Klon'd before myself, but tried the EHX Soul Food yesterday. First pedal I dismissed from the trial group.
So happy those greenshirts are out of it.
Demo'd a ton of different OD/Dist's today at GC, annoying the crap out of the hovering salesmen in the process. Concluded with a Fulltone OCD. Not a tubescreamer fan.
James Rodriguez looking like the real deal. Monaco lucky to have him.
Also - should the board go on hold for a used Fender Blues Jr. at CG for $350? Played it today for the first time - it's certainly a wonderful little thing.
What kind of reverb? I'm not sure. The aquapuss does slapback very well - so would probably favor something that can do big, cavernous tone well. I was leaning towards the Cathedral b/c of the tapping ability + delay/echo/reverb hybrids. TBH, for whatever reason, a lot of knobs on pedals seem to intimidate me. This coming from the guy who used a PODxt as a preamp through high school. Distortion: I've read a lot that you can't go wrong w/ a Tubescreamer. That seems to...
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