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Indiana Jones making progress towards 5th film?
Will Ewan McGreggor now be appearing via Force Ghost to Luke in the new trilogy? The whole bit about him fading from Luke's perception from Thawn is now gone.
No way Revenge of the Sith was worse than Attack of the Clones.
I'm not sure - likely a token amount given that it doesn't specify anywhere on the webpage.
When you're dealing with LVC it does.
Before you heard him speak, there wasn't a definite reason to hate
Even now, I'm conflicted at how much promise there could be/have been in that Episode I photo
Having bought and subsequently had to flip multiple pairs of denim based of SF-sizing recommendations to size down, etc, it's always a personal issue. If they're tight now and unsanforized, you will never feel comfortable in them as they age. Return if possible, and cut your losses.
Agreed. If they're sanforized and/or a one-wash version, you're probably good. Don't look too tight anywhere even if you feel a bit self-conscious. If they are still raw and will shrink to fit, then no way - size up.
Havana seems to fit pretty darn slim. I prefer a long as well, but then the pants are even slimmer b/c long sizes are drop7 as opposed to drop6 on the regular sizes.
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