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I've been looking at the rate of comments on things like the LVC thread, Momotaro, PBJ, etc. threads here on the forum. Almost no movement on any of them in 6 months or so. This compared to when I joined in the rawjawnz heydey of 2009/2010 when everyone and their mother was sitting in bathtubs, soaking denim, and then having to flip too-small pairs on the b/s.
Raw denim is dead.
This is relieving.
Tight in the waist of the jacket
CapnRoo needs to turn this game around and score for the sake of my W1 score.
Welcome back, EPL.
EMG anythings
I guess they abandoned the idea of "Doom = Hacker" pretty quick, eh?
They just announced these via newsletter recently.
Does re-registering your username automatically re-enter you in Stylish Gentlemen? Seems like I didn't need to enter a league code.
New Posts  All Forums: