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Hoping for the Ju(g)e upset.
Just a reminder that the new thread has started and will be ChampionsLeague-ing today
@MrGimpy, planning on watching a lot of the WWC w/ my daughter to show her it's not just a boys' game.
For starters, the jacket size of the York, per tagged size, is noticeably bigger than the Napoli - ie, I wear a 40 York but a 42 Napoli. I was told by my local SA when asking about purchasing a York that he normally only recommended the York to his older, more paunchy clients.Simultaneously demonstrating a complete lack of comprehension of customer service - if I'm inquiring about a cut because I'm interested in it, don't degrade it and say it's the "fat cut" of the store....
Beyond slight tonal variation in color, only difference is whether the fabric is sourced from Galey or EP's own. Fit is the same.
Havanas have patch pockets, I know for sure. I think Hudsons do as well.This is a suit, but I'm sure they'll have a jacket to fit your bill.
SS sounds like it was made for you. I think you'll like most everything you try.
Got my first Napoli this week. Only other experience thus far has been 1 single store session to try fits, and the two Havanas that I have. Cannot believe the sizing in comparison - my Havanas and the Napoli are both 42Rs, but the jacket on the napoli almost swallows me up. And the pants are so much more roomy, I can't believe they're considered the same size. Based on the site description, everything has "slim, flat-front trousers" but I now see how the napoli would be...
Based on the history of the leather jacket, I find MTMing it to be a slap in the face to its nature.
These are instructive: Now eagerly awaiting that Bud Light Lime and popular opinion of America to skyrocket around the world.
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