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A few more -
FWIW, IME Japan Blues are significantly vanity sized compared to their equivalent Momotaro counterparts
It has arrived. And settled.
ESPN just ran an article that a Bale / Di MarĂ­a swap is on the cards.
Love Varane. Can't wait until Pepe leaves.
Completely on board with a longer "standard" jacket in the body and slightly lower buttoning point. I think it makes the large majority of guys look better proportioned generally.
So even Lucas' "original" concept of a 9part epic is gone? It's just basically "Star Wars Adventures"?
I've only read select spoilers, so I don't have a ton of info on that. But i wonder how the scope of the story is going to be expanded; is Disney intending on completing a nine-part, interlinked story, or just continuing on and on with ancillary story lines for the sake of StarWarsness? The original trilogy obviously centered around Luke, then this was expanded/rebranded to become a 6-part story basically about Anakin rising, falling, and being redeemed. What is even more...
Do agree. It is not The Phantom Menace though. And anthony daniels says it'll match Empire for "sequel awesomeness"
You would, Gome.
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