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I believe Mike stated they were slated to start being shipped by the end of this week or the beginning of next.
Spalletti for sure? Maybe you could give Rafa a job?
It is useless to resist. Don't make me destroy you.
Just buy it already, man
Sleepers = Eggplant Windowpane, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Awesome, Cranberry & Mocha. Heavily debating my Pearl Grey Flannel suit plan against Eggplant windowpane in particular.
This is true.I'm only human, and can have my head turned by a beautiful blue flannel. I'm just a man, alright?!?!
That has to be one of the most beautiful blue fabrics I've ever seen. Unfortunately, I need another blue suit like a hole in the head...
Just wow. So much good stuff in that last roundup
Dreaming of a pearl gray suit tonight
I thought that a Chinese toy carton already spoiled this before it was recalled.
New Posts  All Forums: