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Photos are a little indiscriminate, but I think it looks good for OTR. Jacket hangs nicely, and you're right - pants could use some shaping. Waist could be taken in a bit on the jacket, but it's certainly wearable.I've found the SAs at my local store to get a little antsy when you're just "trying on for fit." I'd try on what you want to try, and then thank them and say you'll think about the purchases and leave.Yes, this jacket is too tight on you.
Loden/Caramel is a winner. Sleeper colorway right there
My latest fascination is the PGS-exclusive Carbon Copy Bright. I was turned off to the original because of how muddy it got, and think this guy merits a place on my board. Much longer delay time than my Aquapuss.
FWIW, Darmain has played LB too. Drop Valencia back to RB - where he's always done rather admirably, IMO, and shift Darmain over if Rojo isn't up to it. Which he should be.
Good lord - Florenzi hits it from the halfway line on the touchline and loops over Ter Stergen to put Roma level w/ Barca. Goal of the European season, without a doubt.
Thoughts on the Luke Shaw leg-break yesterday from the Moreno tackle? No card issued, but tackler repentant.
Dislocated shoulder.
Blackface vs Tweeds, at least?
Based on a friend of mine who works in the same industry, I would think you're safe. The color is definitely conservative, and the pattern is not so loud as to detract from the "neutrality" of it. And, as you stated, you're already on the sartorial high end of your office when 90% doesn't wear a suit. I think you're safe.
I don't know - I play my DDR at about 3 and enjoy the clarity of the sound (when the wife's not home). I guess I'm not pushing it hard enough to break up though either.
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