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I was one of the early-up-in-arms people. I also, however, realized that Reagan was the brown-suit king. And there, I think is the difference.Reagan's brown suit heyday was in the 80s when brown suits were considered acceptable gov't-wear. This rubs off on his Veep Bush Sr. and hey, it's still the 80s. Clinton in a tan suit appears at some sort of non-official duty, so pass there.Facts going against POTUS; that was not some impromptu press conference. It may be summer but...
Lots of good points coming out here from @falathar and @stafa. Re: marketing and your distaste for it Mauro; Totally respect that. I understand you don't want to BS people. But at the same time it's the language of retail. If I was the pure ideologue I am naturally in my classes at law school, I'd have been failed by many of my ultra-lib professors years ago. You have to learn the common tongue to exploit it and come out ahead.
Reddit = Millennial central. Of course they're going to be asses about price.
Florenzi getting fined too for that move, apparently.
Tottenham / Partizan entertaining thus far. I think I've said this before, but Europa league games seem to be so much more engrossing than CL games. Attack seems more open, and just the level of randomness seems upped. Anyone else have a similar vibe?
Saw these on Facebook earlier today. Agree - they look spectacular.EDIT: Oh Mike, you're killing me w/o a 12D in the Aberdeen Snuff Captoe...
Full endorsement for the Dittox2. Go to GC, show them the various ebay listings listing it for $129 (particularly from user ProAudioStar), and they'll match price.
Unfortunately NOT watching RM destroy Basel.
Jrs311 - we appear to be almost the exact same size. The XL EPLA OCBD will fit you wonderfully. You'll also likely take a L in the EPNY shirting. I think the 40 Doyle will work out perfectly as well. Welcome to the brand.Also, to echo Frank above, and coming from a similar place weight-wise; I lost about 50 lbs to be down where I am now. Congrats on your progress! It is a bit of a pride-thing to go back and buy another XL, but that's sort of the nature of SF-approved...
New Posts  All Forums: