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Yeah, that striped one will be purchased for sure.
Hahahaha for real
Those hip pockets are painfully impractical.
I'm digging it, SVB
EPxVass Oxblood dubmonks doing court and depo duty today.
Really hadn't ever paid attention to watches before, but just wrapped up a big case and my wife said I needed to splurge on something. I like it understated and without excessive dials. I'm sure that will change though as I'm steadily SF'd in this new hobby as well. Of course the inspiration was that key exchange between Daniel Craig and Eva Green in Casino Royale, but we all need to start somewhere. EDIT: Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean, 42mm
Those are the current superflys. Veloce don't have the ankle sock.
Vapes are always too narrow for me. Prefer Tiempos (or anything leather, actually) by far.
Mocha is the sleeper of the bunch.
Keep on dabbin Cam
New Posts  All Forums: