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I wanted to love the LE so much, but it has seriously jacked up my right Achilles - structurally, not just rubbing and friction. I can only attribute it to a lack of a devoted heel counter in the shoe. No similar issues while running with the lows.
Today I wore a Navy DB Fresco suit by Southwick from last year's EFF along with #8 Alt Weins. Thought it looked pretty boss, but didn't think about taking a photo until I was already getting out of it. You all will just have to take my word for it.
Been out of it for a few weeks, but hoping I got in under the EFF cutoff. I'm trusting you on the Taylor, Mike, for my Rudy lower-half.
Got techknit pants in the sale. Very slim in comparison to equivalently sized tech fleece. Like them a lot but have yet to see how they'll hold up.
Another vote for maintaining length as is
+1 for EP + Child Rearing pics.
Darn you Mike, and your logic.
Logan trailers are massively unexpected. What's the girl's story? Lots of blood too on dem claws. I guess Deadpool is the way of the future where dropping gratuitous language is the trademark of a "real" story, and something can't rely on its own merits to draw an audience. Gotta make sure that f-bomb drops just to appease the fanboys.
Natty will darken w/ time and wear, but will never really get as dark as the standard brown CXL. I have a shoemart Indy in natty and the EP long wing in natty, and both are beautiful. Transitions from like a pale grey/flesh color to a golden almost-ravello color depending on care (i.e. lots of reno and brushing). [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]]
Just picked up on this comment and what Mike had said about the Portugal shirt fit change. Can you elaborate what has changed about the fit from the original salt wash oxfords?
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