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Will Smith: "Welcome to earth" Yup
QFT versus Wales. Come on you dragons
I don't believe so. I hadn't gotten shipping info on the January round. However, to date I have received shipping info on 1 of 2 suits ordered in the May round.I placed two separate orders in the latest round - one on the first day, and one on the last day. Shipping info received to date is, oddly enough, for the second (ordered later) suit. Still awaiting movement on the suit ordered early on in the offer.
So, has anybody succumbed to seeing ID4(2)? Facebook friends have not been kind.
We've reached critical mass of stupidity and "butt-hurt-ism" in this country.
Oh my sweet baby jesus the sound makes it.
Oh how sweet it is; Iceland dumps England out of the 16. Brexit that.
Everyone can rail on Hig for not hitting that chip, but that discounts Argentina attacking the whole rest of the game. Can't lay the WC final nor this one on Higuain's finishing because when it came down to it, ARG couldn't hit their PKs. Further, it's laughable how all the Messi fanboys are placing blame as far away from him as possible, but many of these same people derided CR7 for hitting the game-winning PK in the CL Final. "Dude, you only hit a PK, chill," they said....
Messi announces international retirement following Chile loss.
All EP (barring the tie) for services today. Of note is a maiden journey for the white Somelos Oxford. The fabric is light and wonderful, and while not pictured, the collar is amazing. If you don't own this shirt yet, don't hesitate. Makes me seriously consider five for the work week. (Pardon the "moved in only two weeks ago" mess. We've all been there.)
New Posts  All Forums: