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Star-incest? How many degrees of lineage away does it have to be to make it ok? Do those laws vary by planet? Is kissing your cousin on Tatooine alright while banned on Coruscant?
Cultural hall?
Bonus points at airport battle for Spider-Man's [[SPOILER]] Took the whole movie to another level.
I suspect this has been asked elsewhere, but is that the same navy hopsack available in the MTO jackets - i.e. stock pant purchase could result in a suit later?
Gotta say - blows BvS out of the water.
Picked up a grenadine and pocket square for an associate's birthday about a week ago. Upon getting the package was really impressed by the hand on the tie and the details of the square (one of the oriental maps). Subsequently placed an order on Tuesday for some ties and squares for myself and received them today. Preliminary impressions are good, but very excited to unpack them at home after the office and look at them more in-depth. Kent, keep on doin' whatchu doin'.
Excited to be going to see Civil War tonight w/ the father.
I have to say - I don't particularly mind those costumes.
Así, así, así gana el Madrid.
That Cardiff boot is the money.
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