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Swapping out a set of Fender Hot Noiseless from one of my guitars. Anyone interested?
The real question is why one would buy jeans knowing they'd shrink to be unbuttonable after first wash.
Shell vans. And I mean that uhoh in a bad way
Has anyone else noted how you now have the option of purchasing "Gift Cards" on the site? Brilliant move.
2nd on the door over two filing cabs.
Been eyeing a DRRI on my CL for $700. Would need to move my Blues Jr. on first, but still tempting.
Learned how, and successfully floated my tremolo today on the new guitar. Not sure how I like it.
I thought we established a page ago that all rockstars are pricks?
What Moog device, origenespirit?
I feel so left out, addressing football from before I was born...
New Posts  All Forums: