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It does. But I want to access a more spacey sound - "Church" or "Hall" type reverb sounds.Plus, the plate on this demo...
Finished physically building my board this weekend, after finally running to the hardware store for some velcro strips. Basically just cut down a plank I found in my garage, screwed in some feet, velcro’d up, and laid the pedals on. Currently: Dunlop Wah > Spaceman Saturn V Harmonic Booster > Fulltone OCD > Boss PH-2 > Way Huge Aquapuss > Boss DD-6 Still on the lookout for a reverb pedal. Currently really digging the TCElectronics Arena Reverb, but debating whether or...
That's pretty deserved. MINUS the massive penalty no-call for Neuer taking out Higuaín in the box. But other than that, Argentina weren't clinical. Agüero holds no player-stock for me. Higuaín at least ran in the course of his time on the pitch. Messi - I don't care what the story is. Dude hasn't run all tournament. Can't defend him. Skying that last FK into the stands was just so... so... apt. Hellfire will come down on him in the media for that. Götze with the goal...
Of all the flops in this game, Oscar finally gets the yellow. Would've given that dive a 6.5 myself. When they're already looking to the ref before they've even hit the ground for the first time, gotta show the cartolín
I don't get. It's not the Mexican Wave?
Wow, Brazil's D in shambles on the Blind goal And I will still be called a Brazil "hater"
Those are spiffy
Di María looking official to ManU. His third lung will serve him well in EPL. Shame Madrid are losing him. At least his and Khedira's value will skyrocket from WC performances, as both inevitably will be forced out (for Kroos and Ha-mes...? Where's that "balance" you were so fervently seeking, Carletto?)
Beyond the insanely tight fit, I like them. Puma always has a fresh take. Seeing your average fan in those though...
I hope Sanchez will do well for Arsenal. Arsenal now need to unload all their dead weight. They have what, 8-9 starting-grade midfielders? Arteta headed for Fiorentina, but then Özil, Cazorla, Walcott, Ox, Ramsay, Wilshire, Diaby, and who knows who else.
New Posts  All Forums: