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I'm all about major 2nds. Love the shimmer.
"Looks" fine, but I moved on my 007s for the same reasons you describe. It's why sizing down and jamming yourself in there is never worth it; you can't own them long enough to get them to look awesome because you're so darn uncomfortable all the time. This is why any denim I buy from here on out will be "large" on me. Enough with this skinny crap.
It means Lahm will sit at RB and their defense will be solid. Frees Schweini up to shuttle more.
Madrid are shuffling Xabi Alonso off to... Bayern Munich. I want to kill myself.
Oh, you tease you.
As someone with no intention of going to a tailor solely to complete a sleeve, I wouldn't agree. It's a sub-$200 jacket.
You're an idiot
Kroos has proven he's a top quality player. James is flavor of the month.
Only during your birthday month.
Would still take Di María over James. Pérez is a fool to sell.But then again, that's what I was moaning about last year w/ Özil to Arsenal, and that turned out alright for RM.
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