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Disappointed the JordanIIIs didn't sell out on sneakers. Guess I'll be returning it too.
Anticipating the all out lows
I just got a notification from NIke+ that I have until 5pm today to purchase the III OG retro. Do I do it, @RFX45?
http://store.nike.com/us/en_us/pd/air-jordan-3-retro-og-mens-shoe/pid-11157275/pgid-11274436?mid=38660&cp=usns_aff_nike_080113_tHSW65fSHl8&site=tHSW65fSHl8-wQNd5gKnMPDDQrIiH14p9A Jordan III early access to select Nike+ users.
Have a few pairs I got, and have washed. No peeling to speak of. Love the weight of the fabric.
Ummm yes? Not rocket science here.
Wear them and keep washing them hot. It just takes time and agitation unless it's done chemically by the manufacturer at the start. Throwing them in a dryer will do it too
Will early25 be the best deal coming, or does Nike.com historically do something more dramatic for black friday?
Real putting Atletico to the sword. CR7 sealing the Balon d'Or w/ a hat trick
As an aside, let me just express a bit of gratitude for the back and forth a few pages ago re: outgrowing EP clothes. As someone extremely conscientious of my own physical size, I appreciated the discussion and comments. Went through a serious bout with anorexia and bulimia during high school which, while in the past, has still sharply shaped my views on my own body image, resulting in physical fitness as a stabilizing agent in my life. As I get older and, inevitably, my...
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