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Dat Totti equalizer though... Yes, Barça coming unhinged is making La Liga supremely interesting. They'll still probably win it, but the drama is what makes the sport great.
Whoops - went back to my cart to pull the trigger on the ironside alt wiens to discover they're all gone. This is how it goes, right Frank?
Envious of the sale-goers today. Staring down the ironside alt weins in my cart right now mentally going through the same exercise of "now, just what can I wear this with?"
I personally prefer the larger fretboard radius as well. Haven't tried the latest "hybrid", micro-tilt whatever on their latest models, but I do like a 9.5 inch radius opposed to the 7.25. Love the vintage aesthetics, but need the modern-ish neck.False.
Yes; that was a match that exemplifies fun footie
I agree. Looks like they're just physically too big for your foot.
But the question is... bewbs? amiriteoramirite?
Cassat is a great color. And that waffle knit is a great shape.Personally, I'm looking at a Derby Aran cableknit. Does Derby go more green or grey?
Well played Atleti. Cue the "Barça in freefall/crisis/distress articles"
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