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My caramel belt is very buttery - lighter in color than that photo describes. As the old adage goes - "when in doubt get both."
The blood of Cecil and Harambe cry from the ground for vengeance.
Hala EDIT: How you doing' Arsenal? :wink:
Outtathebox shoe comfort snobs, Walts to Rudys, increasing jacket size; We're growing old together, @tricky
1) buy them quick2) no
José to ManU official. Let the circus begin.
You just described my exact order. Ended up going White MOP though for a bit of "colombian drug lord" vibe.
good lord. what can be seen... Edit: blatant MaryJane reference by Faith referring to her man as "Tiger"
And all this on top of the twitter campaign to make Cap gay.
Dude @tricky my H&M sweatshorts are a way of life.
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