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I think a brown heavyweight would fill a distinct slot in your wardrobe. Everyone has jived on the OJ; my personal favorites of what's left would be the Glaswegian or Burning Down The House
Interesting no GL in that JL pic.
I fail to see the Star Wars connection above, but I'll keep looking hard for it.
Largely wrapped up in red vs blue voters, geographic location, and race.Unless you get somewhere ultra-cloistered, then it's much more old-school
Have to say I agree. The more that's come out promoting it, the more try-hard it feels.
I've never seen that colored Stark. Looks great
I think that's cool, TBH. What are the three cooler jackets ranked before it?
IMO, a camel hair blazer is perhaps the easiest blazer to pair, even over a navy blazer. It allows for almost any color pants, white or blue shirts, and almost any color tie as well. Plus the texture of it does well with denim, if you're into that business casual look in particular.
Yes, the fit is individual - my Florsheims fit much better than any barrie-lasted shoe ever could.
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