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Attending soccer live is wonderful. Especially in South America or Eastern Europe where your life may be in danger as a result.
And I had just talked myself out of thinking I needed that one...
Can't stand the incessant penalties and subsequent reviews. Let the boys play.
I have one:I'm 6'1 on a good day. The body is short and cropped, per the style, but not overly so. FWIW, I took a Large - my standard EP size - in the jacket and it worked out well. I've taken XLs though too in EP outerwear (Mulberry Leather) and been fine. Just depends what you're looking for.
I managed to grab the Black on Black Thorpe last year and have zero regrets. That caramel calfskin against Navy looks sessy.
Came by a '89 MIJ '62 Strat on craigslist tonight. It's springy.
You have now descended into the subthread: Best Pizza Joints Near EP B&M Locations
I don't know about by-the-slice, but anytime I'm near LA I need to go to Fresh Brothers Pizza.
MSN was pure savagery last night. http://espnfc.com/video/espnfc/video?id=2949956
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