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I'm so happy to have personally progressed past squeezing myself into unwashed denim and thinking I was a boss.
Get the 34. Thighs won't stretch out
I like the Gable. If it can do Rudy proportions and not be showing those pleats stretched out to maximum, I'm on board.
Walking Necrophilia
If art is based on previous art, could we throw off Thrawn?
There's the oft-touted bit about always envisioning a 9-part saga. Conversely, Lucas didn't let audiences onto this until after the commercial success of SW (ANH). My dad remembers seeing the opening scroll for ESB, reading "Episode V" and thinking he'd missed four movies in between.It's easy to be grandiose as a billionaire, that he had a 9-part epic. As a struggling director with no real collateral to your name, I think he took the most entertaining part and bet...
You win Styleforum for the day
Yes, why hide out in something that screams, "I'm a Jedi". Just come get me. I like those comic images. Very interesting change in the mythos.
Agree entirely.^^^ I don't care about the lesbian latina who came from the Guv'nor's town. Spoilers tell me I'm supposed to care about the too-scared-to-be-a-doctor-doctor, because she's in the comics for a long stretch. But no - still don't care. I think the fact that I can't tell you any of these people's names, despite having watched the whole show to this point, is telling.
New Posts  All Forums: