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So, at the conclusion of the 5-year mission they set off on at the end of the last movie...? What's the point of the 5-year mission?
Actually I read a blurb recently that Sony was negotiating Spiderman rights to Marvel for a team up
Oh shoot. I'd be riled too.
I do not mind this.
Explain? How is that not what you wanted? Looks fantastic.
I've been loving my DittoX2 for the last few months. Don't know how I ever noodled without it. Also, my Mayer strat sounds amazing. I am just generally well pleased with my setup. That's odd...
Peacoat looks great. Envy all you outerwear wearers.
IMO, pants are too short and jacket is too tight. I like the palette and general vibe though.
In case you haven't seen, I've B/S'd a pair of xx009s in a tagged 33 (ad in my sig). If you want a low-cost way of trying out the denim, pm me and let's talk.
Thighs won't really stretch that much. If you're uncomfortable now, return them because they will always be uncomfortable. Size up, or try a different cut.
New Posts  All Forums: