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Benatia is good stuff. Wouldn't quite call it a panic buy
Looks like Vermalen is headed for Barça. So there's the CB pairing. Bench Piqué? Matthieu + Vermalen?
Masche is a champ, no matter where he plays. May have had the ArgNT captains band taken away in an effort to fuel Messi (which failed...), but that guy has heart and grit.
A fair amount, but they're also comparatively vanity sized in the first place. No extreme stretching like APC is famous for though.
I've become disenfranchised lately with my wah pedal as well. Threw it up on craigslist and have removed it from the board. Really a one trick pony that I just never really "got."
No, Boetang to Barça
Pep has rubbished the Boetang move
Both are great. Would still be wearing mine if I didn't get fat.
Leslie sound is my favorite modulation - but so few good options. Anyone try the Strymon Lex?
Nice. Read good things about it.
New Posts  All Forums: