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I find it interesting that Torres is still basically a "universally liked" player, despite a big money move to same-league rivals. Almost everyone I know in the know wishes he'd return to form and really don't hold any genuine "ill will" for him.
Pretty much any guy with protools can claim to operate a "studio". Be wary
Hoping to acquire a Wampler Euphoria to stack w/ my OCD this week.
Gonna drop a bomb here; watching Arsenal/Leicester and Barça/Villarreal back to back, I have to say that Spanish football is more entertaining overall.
I'm still despondent seeing Alonso in a Bayern kit today Chelsea/Everton was spectacular to watch. Also, no reactions to the UCL draw?
Tonight, I'm wearing my eggplant overdye to a garden party (friend's baby's 1st birthday). This shirt is amazing. Fantastic weight. Amazing fit. Mauro kicks overdye A.
This week, my front trident of Mata, Roo, and Dzeko completely backfired.
Possibly... PM some deets?
My fantasy team has been neutered this week, starting Rooney, Mata, and Dzeko up top.
Here we are, carrying on, and Foo just drops in and leaves that here. Sheesh.
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