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It's too tight.
IME this is what happens when wool or wool flannel gets wet and exposed to a lot of friction. My bet, without more information, is that the pants are too tight on you overall.
This run of oxfords looks spectacular, Mauro. Congratulations
Whomever greenlighted this needs to be fired, and made unhirable elsewhere.
Jack Bruce. Jaco.
Was shopping the .fr site today and chatted with customer service online. I asked about the differences between the napoli and livorno cut, and was informed that the livorno differs from the napoli only in the button stance (being .8 inches lower), and a narrower waist measurement. Other than that they're the same thing, basically. Further, to my surprise, I was informed that the Livorno and Lazio are the exact same cut, and only differentiated based on fabric...
They did these a few months ago. Was very pleased.
totally agree on that.
Isn't bass just the same thing, but with two less strings?
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