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No, I had an SA talk me out of a York - EVEN THOUGH I LIKED IT - saying it was only intended for the "portliest" of clients. It's more generous than the Napoli.
I paid that much for my Klein Jazzy Cats. I don't regret it. Vastly superior sound than the pickups that came loaded in the nitro-finished body I got on teh Bay. (Vintage Hot Noiseless)
I would try a DB from SuSu if my local shop had any to try on. I went in a few weeks ago and they only had one Madison (I think it was a Madison). Going TTS (42R) was ridiculously large on my frame. 40R was just a hair too snug to not look "affected"^
I want a Tele so bad. Watched an old B&W Zeppelin video from maybe 69 of a danish tv show where they did a set, and it was amazing. And Page was rip-roaring on his Yardbirds' Tele. EDIT: it's here. Maybe I posted that before, who cares.
Definitely bangin. (On the bathroom floor).
Celta Vigo putting Barcelona to the sword right now; 3-0 at 56 minutes
Guardiola after Lewandowski's 5 goals in 10 minutes
Dat Calico though
It's basically the "seat" and down into the backside of the crotch of the pants. SuSu suits come with a ton of extra tolerance in the waistband, but almost no fabric down into the seat.
Yeah, apparently "everything" out there died really quickly and nothing was notable about it. Just the military executing hoards of people, y'know. Nothing that might be interesting in a series about an apocalypse.
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